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AIOBot from Another Nike Bot is by far and away the most popular bot to ever exist. It seems that anyone that ever gets into sneaker reselling first starts with AIOBot most often. It is the perfect bot to get started with and that was when V1 was all they had for a few years. AIOBot V2 is here and it is far better than the original.

The bot supports a ton of stores including Adidas, Footpatrol, Shopify sites and the Footsites (Footlocker, East Bay, Champs & Foot Action). On top of these mainstream stores they also work on other sites that a lot of AIO Bots don't even touch. These stores include Barneys, Sneakers N Stuff and Ssense to name a few. AIO Bot is a must-have for beginners and experts alike. You will always find that this bot was a good investment regardless of how long you've been using bots.

ANB AIO Bot V2 Video Overview

AIO Bot Features

Run 100 Tasks At Once
AIOBot will let you run up to 100 tasks at once during a drop. Most users will not be running close to 100 tasks but if you have proxies and a monster server to run that many tasks then AIOBot will not fail you.

Over 70 Sites Supported
As mentioned above, AIOBot works on so many different site platforms. They state they officially support over 70 sites but it actually supports even more. The bot comes with a “Custom Shopify” option so you can set it up to run on ANY store that uses Shopify… there are thousands of Shopify sites that AIOBot could work on with this Custom Shopify option.

Service & Manual Captcha Solving
Captcha solving is the biggest hurdle for fast checkouts for all bots and users. AIOBot comes with a manual captcha solver for platforms like Shopify. It also comes with the ability to have your captchas solved for you from a captcha solving service. Using a captcha solving service is great for sites like Adidas where you have many many tasks running. You would not be able to solve a lot of captchas yourself so AIOBot will enlist a captcha solving service to help you.

Other Standard Features

  • Proxy Support
    Import proxies into AIOBot and assign them to sites where you want the proxies to work. You can also select what proxies you want to use for copping an item and what proxies you want to use for monitoring a site. This helps keep your proxies from being banned.
  • Billing Profiles
    Set up as many billing profiles as you wish in AIOBot. In order to cop many of the same sneakers, you will need different billing profiles and cards to get past the “1 Item Per Customer” rule that many stores have for hard-to-get items.
  • Email, Text & Discord Notifications
    Want to be notified when AIOBot has carted or copped something for you? You can easily fill out a few fields and get notified in 3 different ways. There's nothing better than seeing a notification that AIOBot came through for you.

AIO Bot Articles

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Increase your chances of copping the most hyped shoes with AIOBot from Another Nike Bot. AIOBot has consistently been a fan favorite in the sneaker community. If you're tired of taking Ls on hyped drops then this bot is for you. AIOBot will at least give you a fighting chance to cop what everyone else is going after. Buy it today!