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Nike Shoe Bot (NSB Bot)

NikeShoeBot (NSB) was one of the first sneaker bots in the game. And it remains one of the best and most consistent players. It's been on quite the journey, supporting various sneaker sites, until it reached the perfect position where it is now. NSB supports numerous Nike SNKRS regions, Adidas, Supreme, and Shopify. With remarkable success rates on every site it supports, NSB is a perfect option for those looking for an all-in-one solution to cover all their copping needs.

What sets NSB aside from competition, in the best way possible, is the continuous work and updates put into it to offer users the smoothest most successful experience possible. They were among the first bots to deploy a Captcha Al solution, exponentially increasing their users' success on Shopify.

In the sneaker game, NSB has an active Discord for support and advice on upcoming drops. When you buy the bot you will get immediate access to the Discord server. This is great for beginners because you aren't in the dark with just your new bot. The Discord is full of users and staff that can give you setup advice and support when you need it. The customer support team is also available around the clock to provide help.

NSB is also constantly updating to adjust to changes that happen on websites. They're usually some of the first to push out an update when a bug change has been made to Shopify or Footsite platforms. The devs for NSB are some of the best in the game!

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NikeShoeBot Features

In-Bot Monitor & Blue Tasks
NSB will let you run as many tasks as you want for any drop. This will greatly increase your chances of copping. But what are blue tasks? These tasks are usually idle and will wait for a certain event to start. That event is usually a restock on the sites that your in-bot monitor is keeping an eye on. And for it to do that, you would have these tasks hooked to a certain keyword(s) or SKU. That way, you won't miss a restock, even if you're AFK.

100+ Sites Supported
Supporting Shopify means 100+ websites you can cop sneakers, streetwear, and collectibles from. And NSB seems to have Shopify figured out better than most sneaker bots. Shedding precious seconds standing between you and winning. Shopify also includes Supreme, the highest money maker among streetwear brands.

AI Captcha Solver
The old days of waiting for every Captcha to solve it are long gone. NSB3 brings with it a brand new AI-Captcha solver that not only solves them for you but also does it in milliseconds. This integration utilizes the best Captcha-solving methods to make it as human as possible for websites. And by default, it'll save you time, especially if you're not immediately available during a drop.

NikeShoebot is one of the tried-and-true bots in the game. They have been on the scene longer than most competitors, and their reputation has always been top-notch. Everyone should have NSB in their arsenal, especially for Nike SNKRS & Shopify stores. You aren't going to find a bot that is better on these platforms than NSB. Since NSB has been around a while, they have a great ecosystem of users that can help you out on every drop. Once you buy the bot, you get access to their Discord and you will receive technical support plus help on anything related to the bot. NSB is a veteran in the game and you can never go wrong with purchasing their bot!