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Supreme Bots for SS21

By February 23, 2021August 1st, 2021In Stock Reviews, Overviews

Cop Supply has some very solid options when it comes to bots you can get your hands on right now that will assist you when trying to purchase Supreme releases that are taking place in the SS21 season. With Supreme's advanced anti-bot measures, you will need a bot that is built to combat these measures and also bring you success. Below you can find a few solid options that will definitely be beneficial having if you can't get your hands on the best Supreme bots on the market at the moment.


NikeShoeBot (NSB) was one of the first sneaker bots available to the public years ago. It started out as, appropriately enough, a Nike Bot. Now it supports footsites (Footlocker, Footaction, Champs and Eastbay) Supreme, Adidas, Yeezy Supply and Shopify sites with support for Nike coming soon. The developers wanted to concentrate on the footsite and shopify platforms because so many sites use these platforms. Additionally they added Supreme support to boot which makes NSB a true All-In-One Bot. There are hundreds of sites that NSB will work on because they have conquered the Shopify platform.

NSB has an active Discord for support and advice on upcoming drops. When you buy the bot you will get access to the Discord. This is great for beginners because you aren't in the dark with just your new bot. The Discord is full of users and staff that can give you setup advice and support when you need it. NSB is also constantly updating to adjust to changes that happen on websites.  The devs for NSB are some of the best in the game. You will definitely be in good hands if you pick up this bot for the SS21 Supreme season and we highly recommend you do so.

Check out our video overview of NSB

Pricing: $499.99 / year
Purchase NSB here



AIOBot from Another Nike Bot is definitely one of the most popular bots to ever exist. With them being in the sneaker reselling scene for many years, it is a bot that has aged but also adapted with the const anti bot measures of all the sites it supports. The bot supports a ton of stores such as Adidas, Footpatrol, Shopify sites & Supreme, which is the main site we are focusing on today. The bot is made for both experts and beginners, with a very easy to use interface as well as well written guides, you will pick up the functionality of the bot very easily even if you haven't botted before. You should definitely look at picking up ANB AIOBot V2 if you want to dive into botting in general, but also to have the best chance of being successful in the SS21 Supreme season.

Check out our video overview of ANB AIOBot V2

Pricing: $325 One-time lifetime
Website: ANB AIOBot V2 – 15% Off With Code “”



EVEAIO was created in 2017 and since then the team behind the bot has worked to make the bot consistent in its success as well as adapting to the site changes within all their supported sites. They consistently have a good amount of success on releases paired with a lot of configuration being made available to the users of EVEAIO. It is currently priced at $300 as a one time fee and then $35 a month thereafter. It is a very solid bot to have in your bot arsenal, it currently supports Supreme,  Shopify, Footistes & many individual sites. So with this price tag you are getting a bot that is working across a ton of major sites, therefore, if you wanted to expand past Supreme after the SS21 season, then you have the option to with the bot. As we mentioned in the video, Supreme is a good starting point, but there is always other releases to go for so you can make more profit.

Check out our video overview of EVE AIO X

Pricing: $300 as a one time fee followerd by $35 a month thereafter
Website: EVE AIO X – $25 Off With Code “COPSUPPLY”