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Best Yeezy Supply Bots In Stock

We’ve selected some of the most successful Yeezy Supply (YS) bots that you can buy and start running immediately. YS runs on the same platform that runs Adidas called Demandware which is a queue based system. What does that mean? Essentially it means you are picked randomly while waiting on their website during a release.

While you are on the website waiting, the page will refresh every minute or so. If you’re lucky you get selected and you’re granted access to the purchase page where you select your size and check out. YS bots simply add more users (tasks) to the queue for you. Once one of these tasks has passed the queue, the bot will either check out for you completely or some will notify you that you now have access and can check out manually.

Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)

NSB is one of the more successful bots that is always in stock. Their success on Yeezy Supply is quite consistent for each popular release. When setting up for a drop NSB has the option of letting the bot check out itself or you can check out manually once a running task has passed the queue and is able to cart. The fallback browser checkout feature is there in case the bot itself cannot checkout.

Their Discord server is full of helpful information including drop setups. They will tell you exactly how to set up for YS in order to increase your chances of success. If you’re on the fence about getting NSB for YS, please take into account that it works on well over 100 more different sites. It’s all-in-one bot and YS is just one of the many sites it works on.

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Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $500 / year
Website: Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)

Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)


One of the original and longest running bots boasts “over 290,000+ checkouts on Shopify, Footsites, Supreme and more.” The checkout success on Yeezy Supply is certainly tallied in those 6 figure checkout stats. You can check their Twitter (for any of these bots listed) after a YS drop and get a good feel of how the bot did. You will see success from users on almost al YS releases.

AIOBot has been around a long time and they have consistently adjusted to site changes on all the platforms they support. Once you purchase the bot, you’re given access to their Discord support server where you can find support and advice on how to set up for YS drops.

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Platforms: Windows only
Retail: $276.25 with our promo code. $60 every 6 months renewal fee
Website: – Use promo code “” for 15% off


There are many Yeezy Supply / Adidas bots out there however most of them are always out of stock. You either need to wait for them to restock or purchase them on bot marketplaces for resale price.