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Splash Market is one of the biggest marketplaces within the sneaker botting community. They offer a safe & secure marketplace for members to buy, sell & rent bots. Not only are they a great marketplace, they have a great website which shows a lot of statistics in regards to members sales and how they compare to other people within Splash Market. The website is extremely easy to use and you can also look at your own profile, this is shown in the video overview of Splash Market. You can view their Twitter here and you can view their website here.

Splash Market Video Overview

When it comes to features, Splash Market offers a ton to ensure it is in one of the best bot marketplaces within the sneaker botting community. Within the server they have a few partners that you can take advantage of, they also have a payment guide so you're aware of the risk attached to each method of payment. They have a guide in regards to how each individual bot is sold so you can refer to that before purchasing or selling a bot. They also have a scammer prevention channel in which you can prevent yourself from being scammed if you follow what is mentioned in the channel. Then when it comes to the individual sections for the bots in the server, they have a WTS, WTB and WTRO channel so you can view any of those channels depending on what you're looking for. Moving onto their website, you can search for members within Splash Market to see their profile.

Dashboard Window

Splash Market Dashboard Window

On this window on the Splash Market website, you can see the dashboard once you login using your Discord account. On the dashboard you can view your Discord profile picture as well as your full Discord username. Next to the username you can choose whether to publicly show your profile or not. On the right side you can manage your renewal, view the droplets which is a currency you get from your transactions within Splash Market which can be used to attain prizes and you can also see your most transacted bots. On this window you can view the total number of transactions, the total bots sold and the total bots purchased. Finally, you have your transaction history that displays the bot being purchased, the date it took place, your position, the other party and the transcript if it is available.

Leaderboard Window

Splash Market Leaderboard Window

On this window on the Splash Market website, you can view the leaderboard that displays information regarding members within Splash Market. Pretty simply you can use the search bar at the top of the page to search for a member, if you're searching something that would bring up more than one person, you can also use the sort option to refine your search. Once you click the search button, the results will appear below, you can also refine by categories on the left side of the page. Each member that appears in the results will have a variety of information in their box. You will be able to see their Discord username, Discord profile picture, when they have been a member since, their latest transactions, the total number of transactions they have been involved with and the date of their last transaction. Finally, you can click on any of the members that appear to go to their profile, if they are set to public in their dashboard, you will be able to see more information about them.

Stock Market for bots Window.

Splash Market Stock Market for bots Window.

On this window on the Splash Market website, you can view the stock market for sneaker bots. You can search for bots using the search bar at the top of the page, then the results will appear below for you to view. On each bot that appears below the search bar you can see the logo for the bot, the name, the date of the last transaction, the value of the last transaction and the highest sale recorded for the bot. Then you can click on the bot to see more detailed statistics which is shown in the next section of this overview.

Bot market Window

Splash Market Bot market Window

On this window on the Splash Market website, you can view the market for a bot. You will be able to see a graph of the sales of the bot against a certain time period depending on what you select at the top of the page. The options are year,month,week & day. If a bot has both renewal and lifetime copies, then you will be able to see both on the graph. At the top of the page you will also be able to see the price for the last sale. Below this section you can also see the previous sales too.


In terms of support, Splash Market is extremely to navigate, there is documentation in regards how to use the server and the website. However, if you need assistance they have a support team who is available to help you and the video overview is helpful too.

Pricing: Varies depending on the bot



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