Sneaked Tools

Sneaked Tools (ST) is a bit of a Swiss army knife for operating your bot or bots on drop day or for restocks. The software offers a suite of different tools that you will find to be almost indispensable once you have experienced how much it helps you. They will be adding more modules to it but it currently has a proxy generator,  a captcha tool for getting one-clicks on checkout, and a profile converter.

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Sneaked Tools Features

Proxy Generator
Sneaked Tools currently can generate datacenter proxies from 7 different providers:

  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Rackspace
  • Dreamhost

All you have to do is sign up to each site, get an api key and then hook up each provider within ST. Proxy generation is essential for big drops and you want to run a lot of tasks. Of course you can buy proxies from reputable proxy providers however in the long run it is cheaper to use a proxy generator and then just delete the proxies when you are done trying to cop your items. Also if your proxies get banned you can just delete/destroy your current proxies and regenerate new ones within minutes. We at Cop Supply use proxy providers for monthly proxies and then we use the ST proxy generator for drop days. It's the optimal set up to increase your chances.

Captcha Tool
One of the major reasons someone takes an L is because they get stuck solving captchas while stock is flying off the site. ST's captcha solution can help you get one-click captchas so that you can speed up the checkout process. You simply enter in some gmail accounts into ST and it will browse pages and watch YouTube videos in the background to make your accounts look legit when it comes to solving captchas. There is nothing worse than getting stuck solving captchas only to get to the checkout page and the item is out of stock. Captcha tools are a necessity in our opinion.

Profile Converter
Another module/feature we find to be indispensable are bot profile converters. This feature is simply a way to import all your billing profiles from one bot into another bot. ST performs these conversions flawlessly. Before there were profile converters, you would have to enter the same billing information into each bot that you own manually. ST will take the export file from one bot and then configure it so that the data can be imported into another bot. We have over 20 profiles, importing them manually into each bot would take hours to do. The converter will do this in minutes.

All in all Sneaked Tools has put together all these must-have modules that you could buy separately and put them into one program. If you were to buy each of these modules separately from other places, it could cost you hundreds of dollars. ST puts them all into one program for a reasonable price. If you find yourself using a bunch of bots and proxies for drops then consider buying ST. You will save hours and money (and your sanity) by generating your own proxies, getting one click captchas and importing profiles into all your different bots. It's a must-have for those of you that have multiple bots and run a lot of tasks.