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Kodai Essentials

Kodai Essentials is a desktop application filled with an array of Essential tools for those into sneaker & clothing purchase automation. It is a toolbox dedicated to making releases easier with the features they provide. With their friendly interface, unique tools and powerful features, you will not be let down by Kodai Essentials.

Kodai Essentials is considered to be a toolbox for having the following features:

  • Captcha Activity Generator
  • Profile Importing & Exporting
  • Browser Spoofer
  • Account Generator
  • Proxy Tester
  • Shopify Variant Fetcher
  • Virtual Card Credit Generator
  • Sales Fee Calculator

Kodai Essentials Video Overview

Kodai Essentials is truly the all in one start package that every botter should have, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced in the botting scene, you will not be disappointed with what Kodai Essentials has to offer. It has a wide range of features available and at an affordable price of $22.99 a month, this is something you will not want to pass up on.

Home Window

Essentials Home Window
On this window you can view some general statistics in regards to your device and your subscription. To begin with, on the left side you can see the announcements and on that row you will see how many days are left on your subscription with the option to review if you wish and the version number of the update paired with the changelogs for that update. The row below that shows some data in regards to your device and how long you have spent running essentials on your device. Below that you can also view your captcha statistics.

Captcha Window

Essentials Captcha Window
On this window, you can view everything regarding strengthening your captcha scores through Essentials. You can configure the general settings at the top of the page and view some account statistics in regards to your account within Essentials. Below that you can view the account groups in which you can add accounts to those groups, below that is where all your added accounts will be held and also segregated into different sections such as email, rating, one-click,proxy,status and some other actions too.

Profiles Window

Essentials Profiles Window

On this window you can view the profiles that you can import and export within Essentials. You can also create profiles within essentials which can be entered into profile groups for segregation purposes. You can also import profiles from the spreadsheet editor within Essentials which can be quite useful. When storing your profiles you can mass edit them so making changes to multiple profiles will be done efficiently instead of individually editing each one.

Spoofer Window

Essentials Spoofer Window

On this window you can create spoofers that can be sent to a URL of your choice. You can configure the default URL at the top which all the spoofers will open to without specifying a certain URL and you can mass change all the spoofers URL at the top too. On the right side you can see a few collective action buttons when you have spoofers selected. On the left side you can see all the created spoofers with actions associated with each one, you do also have easy access to change the URL per each spoofer.

Generator Window

Essentials Generator Window

On this window you can navigate to the different generators within Essentials. You have the account generator in which you can generate accounts for different websites within seconds. You then have the cookie generator which allows to generate cookies to be used in your spoofer instances or export to different applications. Finally, they have a proxy generator which allows you to quickly generate proxies at a fraction of the typical cost. 

Toolbox Window

Essentials Toolbox Window

On this window you can view their toolbox section which includes a proxy tester, Shopify Variant Fetcher, VCC Generator and a Sales Fee Calculator. All of which are extremely useful to have when botting and will be very beneficial.


When it comes to support they have a ton available for all of their users to ensure that whether you are a newcomer or an experienced botter, you will be comfortable using their software. They have a discord server in which you can find support for the software as well as a request form in which they will answer any of your questions.

Platforms: Windows // Mac

Retail: $22.99

Site: htps://

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