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Sneaker Cook Groups For 50% Off

Having a solid group to speak with like minded individuals within the sneaker botting niche is very important, not only is the community aspect helpful but also in all groups the information regarding sneaker releases as well as other resources available to you is quite helpful. However, within this community, the limited model when it comes to groups is quite popular, finding a good group and then somehow getting a spot within their group when they restock is quite difficult. Which is why we've collected some great groups on this post but also, you get 50% off your first month when you purchase any of the groups below.


Secure is the number one reselling group that will take you from a beginner to an expert. They have a ton of member benefits ranging a free checkout bot to exclusive information that create a good environment for everyone to learn about the botting niche, but also be successful too. They have a ton of things that every reseller will find useful and that allows you to truly aid your reselling journey. Secure has a ton of features within the group that all of their members will find useful as that will enable them to further their knowledge in the botting scene but also take advantage of the best resources in the community. Ranging from exclusive information to lowkey flips, you will have a ton of things to utilize in the group. Their pricing plan is either $30 on a monthly basis or $288 on an annual basis. With our 50% discount, you can get access to the group for even cheaper. Their Twitter page can be found here (@_secured).

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Dubhaus is a cookgroup based on a membership model that gives all its users the resources to create revenue streams through a range of its features within the group. They have a range of features and support that make it a group home to over 200+ members who are all reported to be satisfied with the service provided by Dubhaus. They are described as an “exclusive reselling community dedicated to your success”. They offer free tools such as an ACO chrome extension, a discord toolbox, marketplace, legit checking tool and groupbuys. They also have a ton of partnerships as well as quality drop guidance, exclusive early links, a dedicated support team, endless raffle links, SMS alerts and much more. This will ultimately aid your reselling journey on top of everything else they offer within the group.  Their designated Twitter page is (@dubhausio).

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