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Best Supreme Bots In Stock

There are so many different Supreme bots out there, most of which are always out of stock and are very hard to get for retail. The very successful Supreme bots are hard to get when they restock and their resale price can be above $1k! We've made a list of bots that work quite well on Supreme and are always in stock. We recommend some of these bots if you're just starting out and some of the bots listed should be in everyone's arsenal.

Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)

NSB is the best bot that is always in stock. The only issue is that it's expensive if you're just getting started. I run NSB more than any other bot because its great with releases and great with restocks. The bot does well on the 100+ sites it supports including Supreme and it works on PC and Mac. If you follow their Twitter account you can check their Supreme success after every drop and most of the time you will see a ton of success.

NSB started out as a bot strictly for Nike and then later moved on to supporting other platforms like Shopify, Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Footsites (Footlocker, Eastbay, Footaction, Champs) among other stores. They dropped Nike to concentrate on all the other platforms but kept the name. Now they just go by NSB. If you buy this bot, you should be buying it for more than just Supreme because it works so well on many sites. If you are just into Supreme this bot will of course work for you but the price is a bit high if you're using it on one site.

Check out our full write-up of NSB

Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $500 / year
Website: Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)

Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)

ANB Supreme

ANB Supreme is brought to you by the veteran developers of Another Nike Bot and AIOBot. You can buy the bot as a standalone or an addition to AIOBot. The interface is exactly like AIOBot which is very clean and organized. ANB is one of the longest running bot companies around and all of their bots have show consistent success. In fact their AIOBot has more checkouts than any other bot in history. You can be confident that their Supreme bot works just as well.

When you buy ANB Supreme, you get a great bot for a reasonable price and also access to their Discord server for help on drops. Their server is filled with great documentation on the bot and on the weekly Supreme drops. ANB has a guide for every Suprem drop. Their guides include keywords for each item dropping and being on the server during the drop can help quite a bit. If anything has changed they will ping the server and tell you to make the appropriate tweaks to the bot.

Platforms: Windows only
Retail: $99
Website: ANB Supreme Bot

ANB Supreme Bot

SwiftSole Supreme iOS

Swiftsole is an iOS Supreme bot that is quite popular and convenient to use. SwiftSole is a perfect bot for beginners because its reasonably priced and will get you familiar with some of the standard bot features if all bots. It's also a great option if you can't be in front of your computer on those Thursday morning when Supreme drops. The bot is packed with features such as being able to run unlimited tasks so you can check out multiple items at the same time. You can create multiple profiles for skirting the one-per-customer rule on popular items.

Support is provided through their Discord server that you will get access to when you buy the bot. They also supply drop information and optimal bot settings for each weekly drop. If you are new to botting and wanting to get started, we recommend something like SwiftSole to get a little experience. It has a lot of features that you would only find in desktop bots all in an iPhone. The bot is also great for people who are on the go and can't be near a computer for Supreme drops.

Platforms: iOS
Retail: $49.99
Website: SwiftSole iOS

SwiftSole iOS

SuperCopBot Supreme

SuperCopBot is a Chrome extension that automates the whole purchasing process as it if were a user but much faster. You simply enter keywords of the item you want, set the timer to the appropriate drop time, then sit back and watch. It has standard bot features such as, checkout delay, proxy support, autofill and auto-checkout. SuperCopBot is another great bot for beginners to familiarize themselves with basic bot functions. Since it's a Chrome extension, it's cross platform so Mac users have a reasonably prices option for a bot.

Chrome extension bots like SuperCopBot are the only bot that works on Supreme. Sometimes Supreme will foil desktop bots with a site update and the only bots that work are Chrome extensions. These bots are always great to have running alongside a regular desktop bot when this happens. The reason bots like SuperCopBot work and others don't is they emulate human behavior more than other bots. It searches, carts and pays for items just as if it were a human user. Again, this is a great starter bot!

Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $49.99
Website: SuperCopBot Supreme

SuperCopBot Supreme