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Can’t Win a Nike Draw? Get More Accounts

The Snkrs draw is how Nike releases their most hyped products. If you’ve entered into a Snkrs draw on Nike there’s a good chance you weren’t chosen to buy what you wanted. It’s a raffle system where you win if your name is chosen. Your odds of winning are usually very slim especially during a super hyped release.

Most users simply login and enter the one user account they have into the drawing. They might create another account or two so they can ever-so-slightly increase their chances of winning but the odds of winning are still very very slim. During the hyped releases there will be thousands of people entering a draw for a very limited sneaker. Your one or two accounts virtually have no chance of being drawn when there are so many people going after the same thing.

How do you increase your chances in a Nike draw?

Like all raffles, the more entries you have the better. In order to increase your chances of winning, you simply need to enter more Nike accounts into the draw. The people that usually show success on Nike draws, usually have entered multiple accounts with a Nike bot or a multi-session browser (more on these later). Sure, people just submitting one account do actually win but it probably isn’t a lot.

Obviously the first thing you need are Nike accounts. There are quite a few sites where you can buy Nike accounts. Account generation for Nike and other stores has become a business unto itself. If there is a store that uses the raffle system for hyped items, then there is a site that generates accounts for that store.

The process of buying accounts is very simple. The account sites will have a bunch of different account packages to choose from. Packages will start with 25 Nike accounts and run all the way up to several hundred accounts (even more with bulk packages) to purchase. You pick the amount of accounts that you want, go through with the payment process and the accounts are delivered to you immediately via email.

A few things to consider when buying Nike accounts

You’ll see that sites typically offer US and UK based accounts. This means that the accounts were made with US or UK phone numbers. Sometimes you’ll see accounts that were made with Chinese phone numbers and they will be a little cheaper. You will want to stick with the US and UK accounts and try to avoid the Chinese accounts. If the site does not state where the accounts were made then assume that they are Chinese accounts. All accounts will generally work regardless of where they were made but Chinese accounts might not last as long as the ones made in the US or UK.

If you don’t have a Nike a bot, then don’t buy a lot of accounts. You won’t have enough time to enter 100 accounts without a bot. Snkrs draws can last up to 30 minutes but even with that amount of time you wouldn’t be able to submit more than 20 accounts. Sometimes Nike has mini-raffles where you are randomly chosen from a pool and the raffle will only last as long as stock is available. These types of draws can be over in a few minutes. If you plan on entering the accounts manually then only buy 25 or less. You’ll be lucky to even get in 25 on a 30 minute draw.

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Use a multi-session browser to enter more accounts

Multi-session browsers can help you enter more accounts during a draw. These browsers will open multiple windows of the Snkrs draw which will make entering the draw slightly faster. Some of these browsers have the option of entering your Nike accounts list into the browser and they will automatically log you in once the draw starts. If you have payment info already entered into each Nike account profile, you can breeze through the entry process by just selecting your size and payment information and pressing submit. Multi-session browsers will allow you to essentially enter double or triple the amount of accounts as opposed to entering them manually.

Use a Nike bot to enter the most accounts

Obviously a Nike bot will enter the most accounts for you. You can enter hundreds of accounts in minutes when your bot is set up and working on Nike correctly. A bot can run hundreds of accounts tasks simultaneously, pick the specified shoe size you have set and enter your payment information with ease. Once your accounts are entered, the bot will monitor all your accounts and notify you which accounts have won when the draw is complete.

Running a Nike bot requires a few extra things however. First you have to purchase the Nike accounts. If you’re running a bot then you should purchase more than 50 accounts. I usually run 400 accounts in a bot and some people run way way more than that. Accounts are not cheap when you are looking to buy more than 50.

The next thing you need is proxies. Proxies are essentially different computer addresses for each account that you submit. This is necessary because if Nike sees 100 accounts all submitted from your home ip address then they will ban your ip address and filter out those entries. Proxies give each account its own ip address so it looks like your accounts are being entered from different addresses and locations.

Last but not least, you need many different debit/credit cards for your accounts. If Nike sees 100 accounts and they all are using the same credit card, then Nike will filter out those entries as well. A general rule is 5 to 10 Nike accounts to 1 card. Some people even do less than that but 5 to 1 should be fine. Luckily there are virtual card companies online that will allow you to create a few more cards for entering raffles. The main one in the US is Privacy and the main one in the UK is Revolut. These virtual card sites allow you to connect your bank account to their service and generate a few more cards. This is incredibly useful for increasing your card count for Nike entries.

As stated earlier, Nike is one of the hardest sites to cop sneakers on. It’s pure luck but you can increase your luck with entering more accounts. You simply don’t have much of a chance with one account on Snkrs draws. You can buy more accounts and enter them manually, using a multi-session browser or using a Nike bot. A Nike bot is your best bet but there are extra costs to running a bot such as proxies and a lot of accounts. It is the best option though. If you’re hesitant to invest in a bot, then buy some accounts and a multi-session browser. It’s much cheaper and it can be a good start. Once you hit something with the browser then move up to buying more accounts and a Nike bot!