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About Dashe

Dashe was released in September 2017 and ever since has been dominating drops on Shopify. It retails at $50 per month for a renewal copy or $200 for a Lifetime copy. The Bot can be used on both Mac and Windows. Dashe restocks occur with a short notice through the designated twitter (@Dashe) and always sell out in a matter of seconds.

Dashe had ups and downs throughout its whole existence but has always been consistent on Shopify. A lot of people in the botting community consider Dashe the “OG Shopify Bot” because of its long existence and establishment in the community.

Dashe is considered an AIO (all-in-one) bot because of the many sites it supports. Dashe currently supports:

  • Shopify (all sites with custom option)
  • Supreme
  • Demandware (Adidas, Yeezysupply…)

Dashe Video Overview

Dashe Features

Besides all the sites Dashe supports, it has some unique features that make the user experience a lot better. The most remarkable features of Dashe are the following: the Analytics Page, Quick Task Support, AYCD Autosolve Captcha support, and Proxy Groups.

Analytics Feature

Analytics Feature
Dashe’s Analytics Page keeps success and actually botting activity separated. It displays the order number and other important facts like the date of purchase. This features especially helps with keeping track of finances and successful cops. If for example an item purchased by a user doesn’t do well in the resale market all order numbers are displayed on the analytics page. This allows the user to cancel each order one by one without having to go through confirmation emails.

Quick Task Feature

Quick Tasks
The Quick Task feature especially comes in handy if an important item restocks and nobody was prepared for it. It lets you set up and start your Tasks in a matter of seconds which gives you better chances at successfully checking out an item on restocks.

AYCD Autosolve Integration

AYCD Autosolve
The Autosolve support allows you to use AYCD’s great feature of solving Captchas directly through your AYCD Toolbox and even using other 3rd party solutions like 2Captcha to solve a huge amount of Captchas at the same time without having to move a muscle.

“AutoSolve is a tool by AYCD, allowing you to connect OneClick with supported bots to make OneClick a default Captcha Solver. By connecting bots to OneClick, it becomes your Captcha solving hub – allowing for captcha challenges to be sent to OneClick and optionally to supported 3rd party solvers like 2Captcha, AntiCaptcha and CapMonster.”

Proxy Grouping Feature

Proxy Groups
Proxy Groups allow users to run multiple sites at the same time using a different type of Proxy for each. When pasting in the Proxies a user can select in which group the Proxies should be put into. Some sites ban Datacenter Proxies and some sites don’t. This feature allows you to run both sites at the same time without having to worry about any limitations or timeouts.

Mass edit tasks feature

Mass Edit
Mass Editing Tasks during a release can be a very important thing.It allows you to change the URL, Keywords, Variants or Passwords for all Tasks at once. If for example a user is running Early Links on a drop and suddenly the item turns out to drop on a different link all Tasks can be edited in a matter of seconds.


Starting out using Dashe should not be a problem if done properly. The Dashe team uploaded a lot of resources on which should answer all of your questions. After reading through the “Getting started” and “Fundamentals” sections you should have a decent understanding of how the bot works. If you still have more questions about the Bot you can use Dashe’s private support ticket system powered by Intercom. A big Bot company like Dashe will not leave any questions unanswered and you will always be supported by the Dashe team.

Where does Dashe rank among other AIO bots?

Dashe was released in 2017 and since then has been cooking on Shopify sites. A lot of people consider it the “OG Shopify Bot”. In relation to the fair retail price it is a very decent AIO bot. It always had a history of working very well on Shopify. However it is not 100% consistent on every release. Restocks never were a problem for Dashe. Through the consistent updates pushed by the dedicated Dashe Developer team the bot will always be a decent – good Shopify bot and definitely a good solution for resellers who just started getting into botting.

Supported Sites: Shopify, Demandware, Supreme
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $50 / month

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