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Supreme Bot Setups: Sole AIO

Spilt Tasks Between These Delays:

ATC: 200

4000-4500 on 20% of your tasks
100-900 on 10% of your tasks
2100-3000 on 15% of your tasks
1000-2000 on 55% of your tasks


80% Off tasks on normal mode with 20% on restock mode


Use data center proxies or none if you are in the US region


There should be no + sign in between keywords
ex: keyword, keyword


Login to your Google accounts in the Captcha harvesters and watch YouTube videos for around 30 minutes, switch back to the Harvester before starting your tasks

Start Tasks 15 – 5 seconds before your region's drop time!

During hype releases don't be afraid to have tasks with delays of 4000+ as supreme might turn on pooky

Run for restocks!

Sole AIO