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Supreme Bot Setups: Velox

Spilt Tasks Between These Delays:

Monitor Delays: 300

2000 on 50%
2500 on 50%

Card Ban Bypass:

Up to User

3DS (EU Only):

50% of your tasks should be with 3DS toggled


Use the Request mode on 75% of your tasks
Hybrid mode on 25% of your tasks


Use data center proxies / none if you from the US region


There should be no comma between keywords but + signs before every keyword
ex: Keyword, Keyword, -keyword


  • Start The Request Mode Tasks 15 Seconds Before The Drop, Hybrid Mode Tasks 30 Seconds Before The Drop
  • Random color: leave the color field blank
  • Login to your Google accounts in the Captcha harvesters and watch YouTube videos for around 30 minutes, switch back to the Harvester before starting your tasks
  • Run For Restocks!