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Supreme Bot Setups: Eve AIO X

Spilt Tasks Between These Delays:

Retry: 1000

4000-4500 on 20% of your tasks
100-900 on 10% of your tasks
2100-3000 on 15% of your tasks
1000-2000 on 55% of your tasks

Solve Captcha:

Enabled on EU
60% Disabled with 40% Enabled on US


Use data center proxies / none if you from the US region


ex: Keyword Keyword


Login to your Google accounts in the Captcha harvesters and watch YouTube videos for around 30 minutes, switch back to the Harvester before starting your tasks
Start Tasks 15 – 5 seconds before your region's drop time!
Make sure “Contains” is enabled for colors
Run for Different Sizes and Colors using # in between sizes and colors
Create tasks with delays of 4000+ as supreme might turn on pooky