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By July 4, 2021July 7th, 2021Sneaker Bots, Overviews

Viper have amassed over 30,000 followers that currently supports Footsites, Supreme & Amazon. They have had major success with amazing user to checkout ratios, at the time of making this article, a recent success post showcased that they got 3000 PS5 checkouts from 350 users running. They are currently retailed at $250 initially followed by a $30 fee every month. You can view their Twitter here

Viper Overview

Viper is pretty easy to use, you have the ability to create proxy groups, create profiles to be used with your tasks, create tasks using the CLI part of the bot and you can view statistics about your performance in the bot on the dashboard page.

Dashboard Window

Viper Dashboard Window
On this window within Viper, you can view the dashboard part of the bot. You can view the money you have spent within the bot, the total checkouts, the total declines and the upcoming releases. You can also view the changelog for the updates pushed to the bot as well as the successful checkouts in a list form.

All Tasks Window

Viper All Tasks Window
On this window within Viper, you can view all the tasks you create via the CLI part of the bot, once they are created it will appear in this section of the bot for you to run. 

Profiles Window

Viper Profiles Window

On this window within Viper, you can create profiles as well as manage your existing profiles. You can view the profiles you have created previously on the left, you have the ability to edit them, duplicate them and delete them if you wish. You can create profiles through the profile creation process on the right side, once you have filled all the fields in, click the create profile button to create the profile. Finally, you have the export and import button if you wish to use those features.

Proxies Window

Viper Proxies Window

On this window within Viper, you can add proxies into groups so they can be used with your tasks. Once you have created the groups, you can edit the group or delete the group if you wish. Once you click on the group, you can view the proxies within that group on the right side, you can also test the proxies if you wish too.


In terms of support, Viper has a ton available for all of their users. Firstly, it's a pretty easy bot to use, so in terms of navigation most people would be fine using the bot but they do also have written documentation within the bot that you can check out if you need further guidance.

Supported sites: Footsites, Supreme & Amazon

Platforms: Windows // Mac

Retail: $250 initially followed by $30 per month


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