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By December 9, 2020Sneaker Bots, Overviews

ValorAIO is a new AIO bot on the sneaker botting scene and they have a good amount of success on their supported modules during their beta period and also coming out of beta. They have gained a following for their success and they are looking to be a real contender in the sneaker botting scene. They tend to restock through their designated Twitter page (@ValorAIO)

ValorAIO is considered to be an AIO bot as it currently supports:

  • Supreme
  • Finishline
  • Yeezysupply
  • JD Sports US

ValorAIO Video Overview

ValorAIO has a ton of features that makes it stand our from other bots in the community, despite it being a new bot, acknowledgement of these features is definitely deserved as they are very useful for new botters as well as experienced botters. They have an analytics page that displays information regarding your checkouts within the bot as a release page that conveniently lets create tasks in relation to an individual site for a specific item.

Analytics Window

ValorAIO Analytics Window
On this page within ValorAIO, you can view the analytics generated based on your activity within the bot. On the left side you can view the total amount spent and then below that it will display the total checkouts and total declines. On the right side you can view the individual checkouts you have made and you can filter that between all and in the past 24 hours.

Releases Window

ValorAIO Releases Window
On this window within ValorAIO you can view the upcoming releases for a certain item. It will show you the total amount of releases loaded within the bot at the moment on the left and below that will be a row of all the releases. On each tile it will show the store, monitor input and early link if available. You can hit the create button so create the tasks directly from the tile making it more convenient for the user.

Settings Window

ValorAIO Settings Window

On this window within ValorAIO you can view the settings for the bot. You can see the Discord account linked to the key, below that you can view some details regarding the key such as the type of key and the renewal date. You also have the option to hover over the key to be shown the key, below that you can check for updates within the bot. On the right side you can can configure both the Discord webhook and your AYCD Autosolve settings.

Dashboard Window

ValorAIO Dashboard Window

On this window you can create and view your tasks within the bot. Your tasks will be segregated into the site, product, size, profile, proxy, status and the actions of the individual task. You also have some collective buttons on the page that will affect al the tasks, then on the left side you can create your tasks as well as interact with the other buttons.


ValorAIO has a ton of support available for all of their members. They have a documentation button within the bot that shows documentation regarding the bot itself and within their Discord server you can speak with their professional support team through their ticket system.

Where does ValorAIO  rank among other AIO bots?

ValorAIO is quite new, with that being said it does have a lot of success. Generally speaking it does have a good amount of success and it is a very good bot to have however, in time it will become a lot better with more modules to offer.

Supported sites: Supreme, Finishline, JD Sports US & Yeezy Supply.

Platforms: Windows

Retail: $250 initial // $50 renewal (3 months) 


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