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Swiftsole iOS Supreme Bot

By December 3, 2020June 27th, 2021Sneaker Bots, Overviews

Swiftsole was founded in April 2019 and has always been made available to anyone to purchase for the price of $49.99 as a one time fee for a lifetime copy. Swiftsole is hosted on any IOS device which brings an element of portability to botting supreme. Swiftsole is available on their website and is always available to purchase. They also have a designated twitter page too (@SwiftsoleIOS)

Swiftsole is a very solid and consistent bot that has had its fair share of variance in its success. At the moment through development of the app it is pretty consistent with its success and can adapt well to changes made on the Supreme website. Considering this is a mobile hosted bot, it does have a lot of success breaking the stereotype of in stock bots being inconsistent.

Swiftsole Video Overview

Swiftsole takes the idea of limitations of a mobile device and removes it from their app because of the amount of features that are within it and the overall design of the app. It incorporates analytics, task creation, profile creation, task viewage and purchases made within the app. The tasks progress overall had a very sleek design that is pleasing to the eye while performing very well.

Home Page

Swiftsole Home Page
On this page within Swiftsole, you can see the notifications pushed by the team which consists of support messages and general messages for updates. Then we have the analytics section which displays successful checkouts and failed checkouts scaled across 3 different time periods. Then we have the purchases section where you can view all the purchases individually as a breakdown.

Settings Page

Swiftsole Settings page
Within the settings page on Swiftsole there are a bunch of settings that can be configured that will affect your tasks on the app but also for other purposes. Firstly, you can enter a webhook so your notifications can be sent to that webhook and the notifications themselves can be filtered too. You can choose to use custom delays with your tasks which consist of monitor, checkout and error delays. Below that there are some buttons that will redirect you to the related webpage.

Profiles Page

Swiftsole Profiles page

On this page you can view your created profiles in an easy to view manner. Per each profile you can see the profile name, the email within that profile, the type of card and the last 4 digits of the card in the profile. When you click on the profile you have the options to edit, clone and delete the profile based on what you would like to do. Finally, you can press the addition button to go through the profile creation process which at the end would be available to view on this page.

Tasks Page

Swiftsole Tasks Page

On this page you can view all your created tasks as shown in the picture, each task has all of the details listed that are associated with the task. You have the item itself with the image of it displaying on the task, then you have the profile being used for the task along with the quantity, size, style and status of the task. As the task goes through the entire checkout process the grey line above the specifications of the task will go green indicating it is working


Swiftsole has a lot of support available to all of their users through a range of ways. They have a discord server in which they release instructions for drops to all of their users and also alert users on updates to the app so they’re aware of what is going on. They also have a questions channel for all of their users questions to be answered after reading all the documentation available. Finally, they have guides available that can be accessed in the app which will aid users in understanding the app fully.

Where does swiftsole rank among other mobile supreme bots?

This market itself is pretty small at the moment, that being said Swiftsole is easily one of the app mobile supreme bots available on the market. It is always available to be purchased, which is quite convenient for newcomers but also for people that want an alternative to using desktop bots. The beauty of this app is that it can be ran on your phone from virtually anywhere so that is an appealing factor.

Supported sites: Supreme

Platforms: IOS devices

Retail: $49.99 lifetime

Site: Swiftsole Website

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