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By January 30, 2021Sneaker Bots, Overviews

Splashforce was created in 2017 and ever since that point the team for the bot have continued to work on the bot to ensure it evolves with the sites it supports and in doing so is a very consistent bot for the sites it supports. Generally speaking, it is a very Yeezy focussed bot as it supports a lot of sites that sell Yeezys and due to how frequent the releases are they are always updating the bot to ensure it is ready for the next release.

Splashforce retails for $300 and has a renewal fee of $60 every 6 months. This is a very successful bot across all the sites it supports and when they do restock through their designated Twitter (@splashforce) they tend to sell out within a few seconds. It holds a large after market value too given the amount of success it has and the demand for the bot itself.

Splashforce supports the following sites:


  • Shopify (specific sites)
  • Yeezy supply
  • Dicks
  • Off white
  • Adidas
  • Supreme

Splashforce Video Overview

Splashforce has a lot of the standard features that you would expect from a bot but it’s layout is quite unique compared to other bots on the market. We have a segregated task creation page for all supported sites and then a task viewing page which depending on user preference is a nice touch to the bot. You have the ability to enter your own accounts into the bot to be used in association with your tasks for the specific site.

Account Pools Page

Splashforce Account Pools Page
On this page you can view the account pools that you can create for specific support sites within bot which later can be used with your tasks. You can import your accounts if you have them stored within a file outside of Splashforce or you can export your accounts out of splashforce to a file to use elsewhere. You have the choice to test all your accounts too to ensure they work to avoid errors when you use them with your tasks.

Settings Page

Splashforce Settings page
On the settings page you can configure a number of things that will affect your tasks on the dashboard page. You can change your delays which is based in MS and you can configure captcha related settings here if you wish. You can the option to edit your key meaning login with a different key than the one you already logged into and you can enter a webhook heere too.

Create Tasks page

Splashforce Create Tasks page
On this page you can create your tasks that will be viewed on the dashboard page. You can configure quite a few settings here however, this does adapt depending on what you select on the site dropdown. Across all site types you can use custom delays at the bottom too for that specific task without it affecting any other task you create. You can also schedule your tasks based on your local computer time and use custom delays at the bottom too for that specific task without it affecting any other task you create.

Dashboard Page

Splashforce Dashboard Page

On this page you can view all your created tasks however, they are segregated into the sites that are available within the bot. So any supreme tasks would go to the supreme section and you can access that by simply clicking on it. Each task is broken down into different headers depending on the type of task so in this case the adidas task has a lot more headers than a supreme task as there is more to configure. At the bottom we have some buttons that affect all types of tasks such as a start all,stop all and a clear all button. We have buttons associated with captcha and 3DS as well as the ability to import tasks and export tasks. Finally, towards the top of the page there is a total tasks count as well to be aware of how many tasks are within certain sectors of the dashboard page.


In terms of support for Splashforce users, they have a help desk hosted on their website with plenty of articles already published to tackle certain issues but you can also contact them in regards to an issue and they have a discord for support related questions too. So if you are a newcomer, you will have plenty of support to access to ensure you are well aware of how everything works.

Where does Splashforce rank among other bots?

Splashforce is a very Yeezy focused bot therefore it is hard to make a comparison to other Yeezy focused bots due to the lack of them however, in the sites Splashforce does support they do very well and are consistent on releases. With their easy to understand UI and segregation of tasks this is a very solid bot to pick up and if you want to have a bot more specific to certain sites.

Supported sites: Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Shopify (specific sites), Dicks, Off white

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Retail: $300


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