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Spectre Supreme was created in 2019 and has established itself as part of the company Spectre. This company has released a lot of bots/tools to the market and Spectre Supreme being one of them. Spectre Supreme has had decent success since its release and they tend to restock through their designated twitter page (@Supreme_AIO) which sells out quickly.

Spectre Supreme overall is an average supreme bot and have had to adapt to site changes on supreme to bring in success similarly to other supreme bots in the market. The developers have brought in a different approach to the bot compared to other supreme bots on the market which we will showcase later.

Spectre Supreme Video Overview

Spectre Supreme does bring in some unique features to the bot itself and that sets it aside from other bots. The features are more targeted at newcomers to the botting scene as they essentially do a lot of the configuration for you removing a bit of the task creation process. Within the bot you can load proxies to use in association with your tasks and you can load billing profiles to use with your tasks. Then you can scroll through release weeks and create tasks from the calendar so it is easier for users and then overview all your created tasks on the tasks page.

Release Page

Spectre Supreme Release
The release page within Spectre Supreme allows users to create tasks through this page without users needing to configure keywords for the tasks, as the bot will configure it for you when you select an item on the calendar. This is targeted at users who are new to botting supreme but also convenience to all users as it makes task creation less time consuming. With the retail price being posted on the items too you can better perform price management of your tasks.

Proxies Page

Spectre Supreme Proxies
With this page within Spectre Supreme you can load proxies into the bot through this page and once it is loaded you can use that in association with your tasks. You have the option to test the proxies as well which returns the speed so you can better filter which proxies are not performing as well as they should or which proxies aren’t working at all.

Billing Profile Page

Spectre Supreme Billing Profile

On this page within Spectre Supreme you can create a billing profile to be used with your tasks. Once you create a billing profile it will be available to view, edit and delete on the right side of the page. They also have a card graphic model on the page so the details are visualized as you enter them.

Tasks Page

Spectre Supreme Tasks
This is the tasks page within Spectre Supreme, on this page you can view all the created tasks from the calendar page but also create tasks manually if you wish to. Once a task has been created you can view the item, size, profile being used, whether a proxy is being used, status of the task and the actions associated with the task. At the bottom of the page you have buttons that will affect all the tasks such as stopping all your tasks, starting all of them and deleting all of them. Finally, you can then open captcha harvester so the captcha is sent from the tasks during the checkout process to the harvester to be solved.


In terms of support Spectre browser is hosted on Discord so all users can find guides for each supported release and they also get general messages in relation to the releases to make sure users are ready for the drop. They have a ticket system integrated into the discord to give users a 1 on 1 support experience if they need it after reading the documentation.

Where does Spectre Supreme rank among other Supreme bots?

Spectre Supreme is arguably targeted at beginner botters due to the features that are within the bot. With this in mind, the bot is average compared to other supreme bots so if you are a newcomer to botting supreme it may be worth investing in this bot before moving to the other bots with more success.

Supported sites: Supreme
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $59.99

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