Sole Terminator

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Sole Terminator has been in the community for a long time and they have pushed towards being a successful bot for people to use. It currently has a high after market value and when they do restock they tend to go out of stock extremely quickly. They hold their restocks on their designated Twitter page (@SoleTerminator). They are currently priced at $100 initially which will cover the first 2 months and then $32 a month thereafter.

Sole Terminator currently supports:

  • Footsites
  • Supreme
  • Shopify

Sole Terminator Video Overview

Sole Terminator is constantly pushing updates to ensure that their users have the best chances at getting the items they want. They have a very easy-to-use user interface, paired with fast checkout speeds and advanced techniques against bot protection. They have implemented groups into multiple parts of their software to ensure that organisation can be exercised in their software. 

Tasks Window

Sole Terminator Tasks Window
On this window within Sole Terminator, you can view your created tasks groups within the bot, the groups are dedicated to one site which can be changed within the group. You have the option to create or delete a task group in the bottom left of the application and export or import task groups in the bottom right of the application. Finally, you can search through your tasks at the top of the page as well.

Settings Window

Sole Terminator Settings Window
On this window within Sole Terminator, you can configure a variety of things within the application. The first of which is the discord webhook as well as the sounds the application makes and you can configure the captcha services too. Below that, you can store accounts that can be used with your tasks as well as configure your quick tasks settings. Finally, you can add shipping rates that can also be used with your tasks.

Captcha Window

Sole Terminator Window

On this window within Sole Terminator, you can add captcha solvers that your tasks will send captcha's too as they come through. Once you add a captcha solver, you can name it, select the site preference and assign a proxy to the solver. You can also create a captcha solver and delete captcha solvers in the bottom left side of the page too.

Profiles Window

Sole Terminator Profiles Window

On this window within Sole Terminator, you can add profiles that can be used with your tasks. Once you add a profile, you can name the profile and a few details regarding the profile will be displayed for distinguishing purposes. These details are the profiles first name, last 4 digits of the card number, the expiry and location of the profile. On the bottom left, you can create a profile and delete profiles if you wish. Finally, you can export and import profiles if you wish.


Sole Terminator has a ton of support available for their users, with an easy to use user interface, users can find using the application very easy. Within their discord you can find some written documentation regarding the application and they have a support team ready to assist you if you need any help

Supported sites: Shopify, Supreme, Footsites

Platforms: Windows // Mac

Retail: $100 for the first 2 months and the $32 a month thereafter


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