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By March 27, 2021April 1st, 2021Sneaker Bots, Overviews

QuickCop is by the most popular mobile botting solution on the market at the moment, it has been operating in the community for a long time and during their lifetime they have had a ton of success. Part of the reason why QuickCop has been so popular within the community is because of the fact that it isn't resellable and they don't often restock, the copies are therefore not released on a frequent basis. Like we mentioned earlier, adding the fact that it has very solid success, it is overall a great bot to have in your arsenal. It is currently priced at $140 and the renewal fee is $99 a year, you can find out more about the bot on the developers Twitter page here.

QuickCop Video Overview

QuickCop has a very easy to use interface on their app and given its hosted on IOS, it is pretty accessible to most people. You can navigate through the app within a few clicks and begin botting instantly on their supported sites. You will be required to use a device that has IOS 13 or higher, jailbroken devices, devices using VPN or HTTP proxy on wifi, Mac OS, and any other devices are not supported.

Home Page

QuickCop Home Page
On this page within Quickcop, you can navigate to a variety of places within the bot given its the home page. At the bottom, you have the connect button to view the socials for the bot, you can view the terms of the product & the credits for the bot too. The main section on this page is where you can select a store to make a task for, you have a few options to choose from. Below that section, you can view the profiles section, the keywords for releases, the news within the bot and the monitor.

Profiles Page

QuickCop Profiles Page
On this page within QuickCop, you can view and create profiles that will be used with your tasks. As you can see, you have a few profile options to choose from, once you click on the profile you can configure the profile.

Supreme Tasks Page

QuickCop Supreme Tasks Page

On this page within QuickCop, you can view the Supreme tasks that you have created within the bot. You can completely configure the tasks that will appear on this page, you can view a variety of details regarding the task on each tile as well. You do have the option to start the tasks at the bottom as well as using the backup browser and the second backup browser. Finally, the time on your phone will be displayed at the top too.

Task Multi Page

QuickCop Multi Tasks Page

On this page within QuickCop, you can view the multi view when it comes to your tasks. Commonly used for tasks that are splash queue based, the multi task view is to send multiple tasks at once to perform the same function. As you can see, you have the option of selecting which website you would like the tab in the multi section to go to. Then you have the option of going forwards & backwards in terms of page history on the tab, you also have the option of going back to the home page as well as refreshing the page. Finally, you can configure the profiles per each tab as well as reset the tab.


QuickCop is a very easy bot to use so most users should not have a problem using the program, however, there is a variety of ways you can contact the QuickCop team to answer your questions if you do have any. If you want more assistance on how to use the app, you can check out our video overview on this page too.

Supported sites: Supreme, Yeezysupply, Shopify, KITH, Snipes

Platforms: IOS 13+

Retail: $140 + $99 a year


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