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Prism All-In-One Bot

By September 10, 2020September 14th, 2020Sneaker Bots, Overviews

Prism began in 2018 and ever since that point they have pushed to make the bot successful for all of their users consistently on all of their supported sites. They have recently seen an extreme uptick in after market value with their update being a true game changer for the bot. They have seen strong success and that has contributed towards its aftermarket value as well as how intuitive the bot is. Their designated twitter page is (@PrismAIO) and when they do restock they tend to sell out extremely quickly.

Prism resides within the AIO bot market and they have had very good success post their newest 2.0 update. Here are the sites it currently supports:

  • Shopify
  • Footsites
  • Supreme
  • Individual sites.

Prism Video Overview

When it comes to features arguably Prism is one of the top bots in the market as they have a bunch of useful as well as cool features for their users to utilize. An example of one of these features is being able to configure the checkout sound within the bot, we are aware cool features do not dictate success of a bot but having this much customization is a very cool concept. Alongside this we have an integrated releases calendar, Philips hue integration and much more which we will cover in this overview.

Dashboard Window

Prism Dashboard
The dashboard page within Prism holds a lot of cool features for the users to take advantage of. The first one of them being a detailed breakdown of how many checkouts, dollars spent and failures you have had across a given time period. Once you select the time period it is illustrated on the graph for the user to understand very easily. On the right side of that the users can utilize an integrated weekly release calendar to stay informed of future releases that you can use Prism on. Below that you can also see your recent checkouts so you can keep up to date with what you have purchased in case you are running a large amount of tasks for a drop.

Task Groups Window

Prism Task Groups
On the task groups page you can view all your created task groups across all the support sites within PrismAIO. Once you create a task group you will see the task group name to distinguish it from others as well as some small statistics on each group to show you how the group is doing in terms of success, failures, carts and captcha's. Once you click into a task group you can create a task by hitting the addition button and once you have created a task it is segregated into a few headers as you can see. Then you are free to start,edit or delete the task.

Settings Window

Prism Settings

On the settings page you can configure quite a lot about the bot to truly match it to your preference. On the general page you can configure webhooks as well as the checkout sound for Prism and it also is home to a really cool feature they introduced with 2.0 which is their 3rd party integrations section. In this section you can configure philips hue or a nanoleaf to sync with your bot so it will react when it performs certain things. On the site options tab you can configure options for selected sites to create a quicker process for yourself. The size groups, shipping rates and accounts section are quite self explanatory however, on the harvesters page you can add harvesters to be used with your tasks within Prism.

Billing Window

Prism Billing
On the billing page you can create billing profiles that will be used with your tasks. Once you create a billing profile they will all appear here for you to view with the billing profile name being the main way of distinguishing each other apart but also the first and last name abbreviated as well as the first line of your address and the last 4 digits of your account number


When it comes to support for Prism users within their discord they receive detailed guides for each drop and if they have any questions they are support channels in place for users to use. Aside from the discord server, they do have a zendesk setup where they have a manual for all users as well as a release guides section so all users are well informed on how to use prism.

Where does Prism rank among other AIO bots?
Prism is a very good bot and with the amount of success it currently has it does reflect that quite well. With how sleek the UI combined with its success it is definitely one of the top AIO bots on the market at the moment. The after market price does reflect this quite well too, if you can get your hands on PrismAIO you will not be disappointed.

Supported sites: Supreme, Footsites, Shopify, Individual Sites
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $400

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