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MEKpreme is one of the most consistent Supreme bots around and the aftermarket price is indicative of such consistency. MEKpreme works on Window and Mac and the their retail price runs anywhere from $150-$200. The bot is often restocked weekly while there is an active Supreme season. Like most successful bots, being able to get MEKpreme when they drop for retail is very hard.

You can grab a renewal version of Mekpreme for about $800 during the time of this post. The aftermarket also has lifetime versions for sale that are up near $2,000. We have a copy of MEKpreme and for us it has been the most successful bot compared to the other ones we have and run during drops. If you were to invest in a copy for the resale price, you would most likely make your money back in a season quite easily.

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Mekpreme Video Overview

MEKpreme Standard Features

Multiple Bot Modes
MEKpreme comes with 4 different modes to use on Supreme bots. The modes are BrowserSafe, BrowserNormal, Super and API. Typically MEKpreme support will tell users which modes to use on drops in their Discord server close to drop time.

Restock/Release Options
Switch all your tasks easily between Mekpreme's Release and Restock settings. Typically restocks require a different configuration over releases. They make it easy to globally change your tasks with a toggle instead of having to stop all tasks and reconfigure them.

Pooky / Ticket Bypass
MEKpreme uses a bypass like the better Supreme bots to speed up the checkout process. The bot itself detects what anti-bot measures are being taken on the Supreme website and will adjust its bypass method accordingly.

Captcha Bypass
Another standard feature among the best Supreme bots is the bypass captcha option. Typically users will set up some tasks with bypass captcha on as well as off. Bypassing captcha is an advantage for faster checkouts but sometimes the method doesn't work so running tasks with bypass captcha off will help with your chances.

AYCD AutoSolve
MEKpreme has implemented AYCD Autosolve for 3rd party captcha solving. This will help captcha solving when you're running multiple tasks at once or if you're away from your computer.

Standard Features

  • Proxy Support
  • Billing Profiles
  • Captcha Harvester & Manual Captcha option
  • Custom timing for monitor and checkout function