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Mangopreme Supreme Bot

Mangopreme is an extension based supreme bot that was created in 2019, it claims to be one of the most advanced supreme chrome extension bots. Mangopreme is billed on a supreme seasonal basis at the price of €60 and they restock through their designated Twitter page (@mangopreme) which tends to sell out quickly.

When it comes to success they are a solid option when it comes to browser extensions and they do focus on the amount of configuration the user can do when it comes to their tasks. In a way they are reinforcing their statement of being the most advanced supreme chrome extension bot on the market compared to others.

Mangopreme Video Overview

Mangopreme has a ton of features that aren't typical of most supreme browser extensions such as incorporating a gmail login, using a remote mode for your bot, configuring endpoints and much more. They also have a designated page to configure all the available delays so the user can take full control of their tasks configuration. Then they have the tasks viewing page and the profile creation page for users to use.

Settings Window

Mangopreme Settings
On the settings page you have a bunch of settings that a user can toggle and edit that will affect their tasks. At the top you have your key management which allows you to view your key once you click it and deactivate your key if you wish. Below that you can configure a discord webhook, so you can see what items are successfully checked out through your tasks. Then we have the bot settings in which you can edit the cart mode and endpoint to direct the tasks however, it is best to refer to guides as they offer for the best configuration. Then you have the general settings that you can change that will affect the bot, within that you can import or export settings if you wish to do that.

Delays Window

Mangopreme Delays
On the delays page you can configure all the delays that will affect your tasks so it is important to invest time into understanding what delays work the best for your tasks and the items you are going for.

Profiles Window

Mangopreme Profiles
On the profiles page you can enter your profiles that will be used with your tasks. Once you configure your profile, you can see the ID of the profile indicating the number position of the profile. After that you can see the profile name, the card type and the actions associated with the profile.

Tasks Window

Mangopreme Tasks
On the tasks page you can create and view tasks on this page, which are then categorized into the headers shown on the image. You can create a task with the configuration you wish and then it will appear below the headers, once it appears you can start the task through the green button at the bottom or through the actions. At the bottom excluding the create task button you can find the buttons that affect all your tasks such as starting them all, stopping them all and clearing them all.

Mangopreme does offer a lot of support for their userbase, they bring out in depth guides on a weekly basis including recommendations on what to buy to maximize profits and how to setup the bot properly for the best success rate. Within their discord you can access the guides and support systems, so if you’re a newcomer to supreme botting you will be supported on your learning curve.

Where does Mangopreme rank among other Supreme extension bots?

Given that the supreme extension bot market is quite segregated in terms of bots that are regularly updated and bots that are just one hit wonders; Mangopreme is definitely one of the best supreme extension bots on the market at the moment. With their advanced settings and their continuous updates you can definitely be confident when investing in Mangopreme to secure yourself success with their bot.

Supported sites: Supreme
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: €60 per supreme season

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