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Hayha Bot

By November 3, 2020November 23rd, 2020Sneaker Bots, Overviews

Hayha was founded in September 2019 and ever since that point the development has pushed to make it a very solid bot utilize across its supported stores. Hayha as of recently has had some very solid success putting a lot of eyes on the bot, it has gained a ton of popularity through its large amount of success as well as them teasing their newest 1.0 update coming soon. Hayha adopts the initial payment as well as a monthly fee model for bots and it is currently priced at $250 initial fee paired with $30 a month thereafter. When they do restock through their designated Twitter page (@hayhabots), the tend to sell out very quickly. Hayha is considered to be an AIO as it currently supports:

  • Shopify
  • Supreme
  • Footlocker
  • Other Individual sites

Hayha Video Overview

When it comes to features Hayha does have a lot of features that are available for users to utilize. Everything ranging from the typical task creation process to showing off statistics of the users performance in the bot to allowing users to also enter raffles through the bot as well. You can also generate accounts through the bot which is quite useful to users that want to use the raffle feature of the bot. Overall, it has some very solid features that will be enjoyable for any user of Hayha.

Statistics Window

Hayha Statistics

On this window the enter can view the current data usage based on the bots current activity in relation to the tasks being ran as well as the session data usage. The user can also view the key that they are logged in with as well as the expiry date for the key and the type of key you are utilizing. This is all useful information that the users of Hayha can access in the matter of one click at any point when the bot is open.

Raffles Window

Hayha Raffles

On this window you can enter raffles for the site Concepts. The user has to enter the raffle url followed by their email, full and shoe size. Once all that information has been entered, Hayha will enter that information into the raffle for you after clicking the enter raffle button. Taking into consideration that this isn't a heavily advertised feature, it is definitely nice to have alongside the rest of the bot.

Accounts Window

Hayha Accounts

On this window you can generate accounts for both shopify and SNKRS. For the shopify section you simply have to enter the store URL entered by the email and password you would like to use for the account. For the SNKRS section you have to enter a TextVerified Client Key followed by the Client Secret and the password. Once you have entered all that information, you can click the generate accounts button to generate accounts, you can also add accounts from file as well export to file once the generation is completed. Finally, you can choose to delete all accounts and enable proxies during this process too.

Tasks Window

Hayha Tasks

On this window you can view your tasks as well as create tasks to utilise within the bot. You can view the size, product, status of the task, profile being used and the actions associated with the task. All tasks will below the headers just mentioned and below that you have the buttons associated with the tasks. The start select button will start selected tasks, the stop selected button will stop selected tasks, the delete select button will delete selected tasks, the edit timer button will edit the time that all tasks start and the edit tasks buttons will edit all the tasks at once.


When it comes to support they have a ton of written documentation within their discord for the members to view and utilize with their bot. They also have a support team ready to answer any of your questions so regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced botter, you will be covered. On top of this they have video guides available for all users to view if they prefer to be informed through that and they have a ticket system so that users can have a one to one discussion with one of the staff members to get the best help they can.

Where does Hayha rank among other AIO bots?

Hayha is definitely a very solid bot with its current success however, this will only be improved as we have had teases of their new 1.0 update which seems to be very successful. They are also planning on adding a companion app which is going to enhance the users experience a lot as well. The future is bright for Hayha and that will definitely reflect in its future success.

Supported sites: Shopify. Supreme, Footlocker, Other Individual sites
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $250 initially + $30 a month thereafter

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