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About F3ather

F3ather was established in 2018 and since its inception it has held a reputation to be one of the biggest bots within the supreme bot market. F3ather’s retail price is $180 with a seasonal renewal fee of $100, however there are some lifetime keys in circulation. F3ather’s restocks occur through their twitter (@f3ather) and tend to sell out within a few seconds.

With F3ather residing within the supreme bot market it is expected that their success will encounter a level of variance however, even with the changes made to the supreme website to aid anti bot measures F3ather has been able to secure a large amount of success for all their users. They have adapted to all supreme regions changes making it a solid bot for anyone in any region to work with.

F3ather is considered a supreme bot due to it only supporting supreme at the moment.

F3ather Video Overview

F3ather Features

Despite F3ather being a one site bot they have a good amount of features within the bot. F3ather have the regular features such as a tasks page, proxy page, profile creation page and a settings page however they do stand out compared to other supreme bots with their segregated task builder page and their dashboard page. When you create tasks on the tasks creation page F3ather will incorporate different elements fully customizable by yourself to ensure that you have full control over what your setup does entail. Through all your success, successful checkouts, time spent using the bot and even your failures F3ather will record all that for you so you can view it in an easy to understand page labelled as its dashboard.

Dashboard Window

F3ather Dashboard
On this page you will see all types of data that F3ather records throughout your experience within the bot. We have a success rate which accounts for your successful checkouts as well as your checkout declines to create a percentage illustrated through text but also a diagram surrounding the text as well. We then have a total cards section in which we can see how many products managed to be carted during our botting session.

The next section is money spent which is extremely useful for the users that are interested in managing expenses effectively, sometimes when using a mass amount of tasks it can quite confusing during a drop to see what has been spent and what hasn't so with this analytic being in the dashboard we can have a better understanding of how well we truly did on the drop. The items purchased section again is a feature that allows you to see how many items were fully checked out so it removes the need to endlessly scroll through dozens of tasks and finally we have an elapsed time section to see how long we have been in F3ather.

Task Builder Window

F3ather Tasks
On this page you can see a range of settings allowing you to fully configure your tasks within F3ather. For the product settings section we have the items customization to ensure that our tasks is directed in the correct place on the supreme website, within this we can customize the category the task is sent to, the keywords that are searched within that category, the color of the item, the size and the quantity that we are wanting to checkout.

Touching on the keywords, we can incorporate negative and positive keywords allowing us to exclude certain items that may be similar to the intended item we are going for. Task settings allow us to further customize our tasks to ensure it is extremely matched to our intended purpose such as a dedicated restock mode, using a proxy, 3DS bypass and using captcha bypass. Finally, we can choose which billing profiles we want to use through a drop down however, we do have the option of utilizing every profile we have created within the bot which removes a time consuming process.

Proxies Window

F3ather Proxies Setup
F3ather also allows the user to inject proxies into their tasks to allow the user to use a large quantity of tasks to pursue the idea of securing a multitude of items. F3ather also gives the user the ability to dedicate groups for certain proxies which can be useful as a user can then incorporate separate proxies and different proxy types within their tasks. Before injecting them into any tasks, F3ather does allow you to test these proxies to ensure they are up to par with your expectations which can be useful as this will contribute towards avoiding bad and/or slow proxies.

Settings Window

F3ather Settings
On the settings page we have further customization of the bot and also some features that removes the need to spend a ton of time on your setup. We can configure a range of delays if we want to that directs all of our tasks to act in unison when it comes to the delays on this page. We can also send notifications via a webhook which can be filtered from purely success to purely failures.

F3ather then gives us the ability to import profiles as well as tasks which eases our process of using the bot overall. We can also integrate autosolve to be used in combination with our tasks if we wish and finally scaling of the application to better suit our needs.


F3ather does a good job at accommodating to every type of botter, whether you are an experienced veteran or a newcomer to the scene, F3ather ensures everyone is well aware of how to use the bot through their extensive documentation that is available within their discord.

They also have dedicated videos labelled specifically to ensure that all users know exactly how to operate this bot to make their success a priority. With this they also have a successful setups channel that allow users to support each other through showing what worked for them, in an effort to aid other users which can be useful.

Where does F3ather rank among other Supreme bots?

F3ather has been an average bot for a decent amount of time, now touching on the element of variance that was spoken about earlier on this page, this bot is by no means something to avoid. Considering the ever changing site that we know as Supreme on top of a short time to push changes between regional drops it is doing well at the moment. The bot has faced criticism with its seasonal price renewals however, its success definitely does support that fee considering it supports one site.

Its success is alongside some of the other supreme bots residing in the market currently however it does struggle on drops on occasion. Touching on resale value, due to the mass amount of copies in circulation paired with the lack of patience from the user base it’s resell value is quite low. On balance, this can change as with renewal phases happening users that don't renew are making the user base smaller and allowing dedicated members to own the copies in circulation. This could contribute towards better success but only time will tell. In conclusion, with the expert developer at F3ather and their ability to adapt to changes made on the supreme website we should expect to see consistent success coming from F3ather.

Supported Sites: Supreme
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $180 initial then $100 per season

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