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Cybersole, a bot that first debuted on the market in February of 2017 took the botting community by storm with its many features and consistent success, and has become an overall fan favorite in the botting world. With a retail of £300 Cybersole includes many different features, making it arguably one of the most successful bots on the market. (currently available only on Windows)

Cybersole currently supports the following e-commerce platforms/sites:

  • Supreme
  • Shopify (All sites with custom option)
  • Footsites (Footlocker, Champs, Footaction, Finishline, Eastbay)
  • Mesh (Footpatrol, Size?, JD Sports, The Hip Store)
  • Single websites such as Porter, Net-A-Porter, Offspring, Lacoste and more

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Cybersole AIO Video Overview

Cybersole Standard Features

Unlimited Tasks
Cybersole now allows you to run an unlimited amount of tasks. Although most users will not be able to run a large amount of tasks due to server and proxy restrictions, if one were to do so, Cyber could easily handle it.

Mobile App Control
One of Cybersole’s most unique features is its ability to checkout on the go. The Cybersole app, available on iOS devices, allows users to create, manage, and edit tasks all in a few clicks. Additionally users can receive mobile notifications upon checkout or once a captcha needs to be solved, so they can do so within the app. A great mobile user interface, partnered with Cybersole’s lightning fast speed, is guaranteed success whether it be at your desk, or in the back of an Uber.

Captcha Solver
Captcha solving is deemed as one of the most complicated aspects to the success of bots checking out. Cybersole has revamped there captcha solver and now allows users to open up to ten different accounts to solve captchas within Cyber. Users can then watch content to stimulate human interactions on the accounts, in order to generate “One Clicks”. Captcha solving is essential on release date, and Cyber’s latest addition makes solving seamless inside the software.

Proxy Support
Within the software, Cyber allows you to import proxies in a few clicks, or purchase Cybersole’s blazing unbanned proxies through the app itself. Once the user has imported or purchased proxies, they are able to test there proxy speeds to ensure they’re all ready for the next release.

Account & Billing Management
Cybersole supports importing as well as exporting accounts for sites that require a username and password to purchase items on the site. You can also create multiple billing profiles and shipping profiles for particular sites and for setting up quick tasks.

Shipping Rates
Users can now pre-load shipping rates for specific sites into Cybersole, in order to decrease the amount of time it takes for users to checkout. This gives a big advantage to Cybersole users as it drastically increases checkout speed.

24/7 Discord Help & Support
Whether your an experienced bot user or an amateur Cybersole offers 24/7 support via multiple platforms. Support is available at all times via Discord or through a support ticket system. There is also plenty of content for users to read for common set ups and troubleshooting.