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BNB AIO is a bot that works on multiple sites unlike BNB Nike which just works on Nike. Currently BNB AIO will work on over 30 sites! If you are a Supreme and/or Adidas fan then this bot will be the one you want. Keep in mind that BNB AIO will not work on Nike so if you want their bot that works on Nike you can go to the BNB Nike page.

The AIO Bot

BNB's AIO bot has tons of features that will help you out on the sites it works on. They are adding new sites that BNB AIO will work on including shopify sites. This bot has worked well on the “Footsites” which are Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs and Finishline. It has had a high success rate with Supreme over the years as well. The bot also works with Adidas and Yeezy Supply if you're looking for Yeezys.

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BNB AIO Video Overview

BNB's AIO Bot Features

Unlimited Accounts/Tasks
You can run as many accounts as you want in BNB AIO. You'll need a really good computer to run a lot but you should be able to run 80 to 100 tasks on a normal set up. Generally the more accounts you run heightens your chances of copping what you want and some bots have limits whereas BNB AIO does not.

Early Link Monitor
BNB AIO will monitor a link and try to cop the sneaker once it drops or becomes in stock. The footsites have a countdown timer on their sneaker drops and BNB AIO will try to check out the sneakers once the timer hits zero. Most sites do not offer an exact time as to when a sneaker will be available and that is where the early link monitor comes in handy.

Keyword Finder
If the site doesn't provide an early link then the next best thing is monitor the sites for keywords on new products that drop on the site. Once the product drops and the keywords you have entered match any of the releases products, BNB AIO will try to cop that product based on keywords. You'll use a keyword finder on sites like Supreme, Yeezy Supply and Dover Street Market to name a few.

Auto & Manual Captcha Solver
BNB AIO has the option to hook into a captcha solving service such as 2Captcha where someone else solves captchas for you. These services are typically pretty slow but you can have them solve captchas and “harvest” them to use on sites like Adidas. Captcha harvesting doesn't work on most sites and that is where manual captcha solving comes in. The bot will give you, the user, captchas to solve while trying to get the sneakers you want.

BNB AIO also comes with all the fairly standard features that almost all bots have. These features include proxy support, proxy testing, checkout/credit card profiles and bulk account editing functionality.

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