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Balko was founded in 2018 and since that point it has pushed itself to be arguably one of the top bots within the botting community at the moment. It has a ton of success across all of it supported stores and platforms, this has contributed heavily towards its large aftermarket resale value. Balko is currently retailing for $200 with a varying amount of renewal types available within the market. Their designated Twitter page is (@balkobot) and when they do restock their product, they tend to sell out very quickly.

Balko is currently considered as an AIO bot as it supports:

  • Adidas
  • Shopify
  • Supreme
  • Footsites
  • Off-White

Balko Video Overview

When it comes to features Balko has a ton of them available to all of their users. Ranging from detailed analytics regarding the customers purchase history within the bot to segregated captcha harvesters with customization options, Balko is a very solid bot to have in your collection

Captcha Window

Balko Captcha
On the captcha page you can see that each captcha solver is separated with their configurable options. Per each solver you can enable and disable them if you wish as well as configure the use of the solver. Once you configured the settings of the solvers, you can then open the solver to use it with your tasks, open up your gmail that's logged into the solver and open up YouTube to create some activity on the logged in gmail account. Finally, you can add a proxy for the solver to use to avoid running the solver on your local IP as well as clear cache on the solver if you wish.

Balko Analytics Window

Balko Analytics

On the analytics page within Balko the user can see a broken down overview of all their successful checkouts. On the right side you can see the total checkouts with a graph below to illustrate them all with a number axis going up in multiples of 25. Below that box you can view the total spent box which essentially takes the amount you paid per checkout and logs it there with another graphic below that too.

Balko Settings Window

Balko Settings 

On the settings page within Balko the user can configure quite a lot of things for the bot. Firstly, at the top you can add accounts on the left side to be used with your tasks and you can add rates on the right side which will also be used with your tasks. Below that on the left side you can enter your discord webhook and setup your quick tasks setup if you wish to utilize them. Within that section it also displays what type of key you have and you have a deactivate button too if you want to deactivate the bot. On the right side you can sign into scout to take advantage of their integration software within Balko and then you can customize what your bot will look like through the various amount of customization available to you. Finally, within that section you can check for updates the bot may have and it also shows the version of the bot you are currently using.


When it comes to support they have a ton of written documentation within their discord for the members to view and utilize with their bot. They also have video guides available to their users so if they prefer to learn the ropes of the bot visually, then they have the option to do that easily.

Where does Balko rank among other AIO bots?

Balko is a very solid bot and with the amount of success it attains per each release, this is reflected well. Comparing it with other bots it is definitely classed as one of the top bots in the botting market at the moment and it still consistently brings in success. There are definitely more dominant bots out there however, if your price range fits the after market value of the bot then you definitely have your hands on a very good bot.

Supported Sites: Shopify, Adidas, Supreme, Off White
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Retail: $200