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Cop Supply has some very solid options when it comes to bots you can get your hands on right now that will assist you when trying to purchase items that are sold by Nike. With how difficult botting Nike is at the moment, a good bot is definitely needed if you are wanting to be successful on hyped releases. Below you can find a few solid options that will definitely be beneficial having if you can't get your hands on the best bots that perform well on Nike releases.

The Shit Bot (TSB)

The Shit Bot (TSB) is a Nike bot that was created in 2019 and the team at the bot company have worked to stay successful with releases that happen through Nike. The Nike bot market is quite small at the moment as due to the amount of changes Nike has made making it hard for bots to keep up. TSB is a bot that has had success on Nike during its lifetime up until this point and claims to have a 96% success rate on the releases they've supported. If you need support when using TSB, they have a discord server with a support team ready to answer your questions to ensure your success when it comes to running their bot.  TSB retails for $299 and restocks through their designated twitter page (@The_Shit_Bot)

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Pricing: $299 One-time lifetime
Website: The Shit Bot 

The Shit Bot


uSNKRS is one of the few SNKRS bots on the market at the moment that is consistently getting success, due to Nike's efforts to combat botting of the SNKRS app, botting the app has became more difficult therefore, the number of bots working for the app has reduced. uSNKRS have a very easy to use user interface which allows users that are new or experienced to use it pretty easily. The design itself is pretty unique and overall, a pleasure to use when it comes to botting with it. They have some distinguished features going from a dashboard to overview the bot and a calendar page to see releases but also create tasks from the calendar page. The pricing for the bot is £100 for a 6 months license and you can check out their Twitter page here.

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Pricing: £100 for 6 months
Website: uSNKRS


BNB – Better Nike Bot

Better Nike Bot is the self proclaimed #1 Nike SNKRS bot that supports all countries except Nike CN. Their Nike Web module is supported in all Nike regions, they have a ton of features within the bot aside from the main botting aspect. These features include Nike+ account creator, order checker, verified account checker, browserless checkout capabilities, unparalleled Nike SNKRS support and much more. If you are looking for a Nike bot then BNB is definitely a good start for any botter. You can purchase the bot for $150, which is 25% less than the regular price they sell it for. You can also check out their Twitter here

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Pricing: Lifetime – $150 with our discount, usually it is $200
Website: BNB AIOPurchase BNB for just $150 using code “COPSUPPLY”

BNB – Better Nike Bot

SEIG Robotics

SEIG Robotics has been operating since April of 2020. It is a Nike SNKRS bot which arguably is a pretty demanded bot when you look at the demands of newcomers entering the botting scene. With the scarcity of Nike SNKRS bots, every new bot that enters the scene that supports Nike SNKRS is worth looking into to see the success it brings out of it. SEIG Robotics has had good success on SNKRS and adding to this they do have a feature that stands out compared to other competitors within the market at the moment.  The SEIG Robotics Nike bot is currently priced at €299 as a one time fee, and it currently only supports Nike SNKRS. You can see more about the product here

Check out our video overview of SEIG Robotics

Pricing:  €299 for 12 months and €199 for 6 months
Website: SEIG Robotics

SEIG Robotics