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Cop Supply has some very solid options when it comes to browser based bots you can get your hands on right now that will assist you when trying to purchase items that are sold on a variety of websites. With how difficult botting can be at times, a good browser based bot is definitely good to have if you are wanting to be successful on hyped releases. Below you can find a few solid options that will definitely be beneficial having to run alongisde the big bots on the market.

Lynx Scripts

Lynx Scripts claims to be the next generation extension that helps their consumers cook exclusive drops. It is an extension based application that currently has two pricing models, renewal and lifetime. Lynx Scripts is extension based application meaning anyone can get access to it. It currently has 4 modes which is Stripe, Supreme, Shopify and the DIY Script mode which allows you to create your own scripts. This covers all the major processors that major releases utilize so you will be covered when it comes to any types of releases. For the renewal pricing model you will pay $60 initially and $10 a month thereafter, for the lifetime pricing model you will $180 as a one time payment.

Check out our video overview of Lynx Scripts

Pricing: Renewal – $30 with our discount, usually it is $60 initially // Lifetime – $150 with our discount, usually it is $180

Website: Lynx Scripts

Lynx Scripts

Mangopreme Supreme Bot

Mangopreme is an extension based supreme bot that was created in 2019, it claims to be one of the most advanced supreme chrome extension bots. Mangopreme is billed on a supreme seasonal basis at the price of €60 and they restock through their designated Twitter page (@mangopreme) which tends to sell out quickly.When it comes to success they are a solid option when it comes to browser extensions and they do focus on the amount of configuration the user can do when it comes to their tasks. Mangopreme has a ton of features that aren't typical of most supreme browser extensions such as incorporating a gmail login, using a remote mode for your bot, configuring endpoints and much more. They also have a designated page to configure all the available delays so the user can take full control of their tasks configuration. Then they have the tasks viewing page and the profile creation page for users to use.In a way they are reinforcing their statement of being the most advanced supreme chrome extension bot on the market compared to others.

Pricing: €60 per supreme season

Website: Mangopreme

Mangopreme Supreme Bot

Flow ACO

Flow was created in 2019 by the company Gizmo, they have previously released monitors to cookgroups within the community which brought them to releasing Flow. The product itself is a chrome extension based tool however, that does not take away anything from its performance or success. It is one of the most advanced tools on the market allowing users to take advantage of the plethora of modes, supported payment processors and supported sites within it. Flow restocks through their designated Twitter account (@gizmosolution) and they tend to sell out insanely quickly due to the demand behind the product.

Flow has a good amount of success considering this is not a standalone bot so it has its limits in terms of what it can do however, it is a very powerful tool to say it is a chrome extension. The developers at Gizmo are continuously trying to add more features to the tool to make it better for users, allowing them to be more successful on releases.

Flow is considered a tool due to it being an extension and based on the purpose of the tool. It currently supports:

  • Supreme
  • Shopify
  • Demandware
  • Shoepalace
  • Stripe
  • Panagora
  • Bigcommerce/Squarespace
  • Off–white
  • Individual sites

Check out our video overview of Flow ACO

Pricing: Renewal copies are $60 for first 3 months, then $30 every 3 months after. Lifetime is $100
Website: Flow ACO

Flow ACO

SuperCopBot Supreme

SuperCopBot is a Chrome extension that automates the whole purchasing process as it if were a user but much faster. You simply enter keywords of the item you want, set the timer to the appropriate drop time, then sit back and watch. It has standard bot features such as, checkout delay, proxy support, autofill and auto-checkout. SuperCopBot is another great bot for beginners to familiarize themselves with basic bot functions. Since it's a Chrome extension, it's cross platform so Mac users have a reasonably prices option for a bot.

Chrome extension bots like SuperCopBot are the only bot that works on Supreme. Sometimes Supreme will foil desktop bots with a site update and the only bots that work are Chrome extensions. These bots are always great to have running alongside a regular desktop bot when this happens. The reason bots like SuperCopBot work and others don't is they emulate human behavior more than other bots. It searches, carts and pays for items just as if it were a human user. Again, this is a great starter bot!

Pricing: $49.99

Website: SuperCopBot Supreme

SuperCopBot Supreme