Best Cook Groups In Stock

By April 28, 2020September 15th, 2020In Stock Reviews, Groups

Cop Supply has over 175 cook groups listed on our site at any given time. Many groups come and go and we probably only list half of them out there. The common practice among cook groups is that they are almost always out of stock just like most bots. Don't fret! Below we list groups that are always in stock or have exclusive stock for Cop Supply users and they are better than most groups that use the limited stock marketing tactic to generate hype.

Only Friends & Family

Only Friends & Family is stacked with more monitor providers than almost any other group. You're going to get the first ping of a restock or drop in OFF 99% of the time. OFF is a favorite among many users due to their constant refinement of their monitors and their services. They will be the first to jump on any new service if its worth adopting. Their user support during releases is also top notch. All of their guides and lists for specific drops are something that we use almost all the time. Cop Supply users get exclusive access to OFF with the link below.

  • Monitors galore including Guap and Zephyr
  • Amazing community, not just a group
  • Early links, drop guides, raffle guides and more
  • Great reselling advice and help

Membership Cost: $50 / month
Website: Only Friends & Family

Only F&F


CookLab has been around for quite awhile now and has let Cop Supply users have exclusive access to their group. Their monitors and information cover an array of different niches from sneakers, art and collectibles to lowkey flips that aren't always on everyone else's radar. Every significant sneaker drop gets a list of all raffles to enter and all the stores that are dropping them on a first-come-first-serve basis. The owner's have a lot of other projects going on including the PolarCop bot and the FastForward spoof browser.

  • Lightning-Fast Monitors
  • Early Links & Variants
  • Exclusive information
  • Exclusive Partnerships
  • 1 on 1 Support

Membership Cost: $30 / month
Website: CookLab


House Of Carts

This group is one of the og groups that started it all! They are still going strong despite new groups coming and going every single day. If you join House Of Carts (HOC) just know that their years of being in the game is a testament to how good they are. You can be assured that everything they offer isn't coming from some new people just learning on the job. HOC knows all the tips and tricks to help you in the resell game. We advise you to get the full access package instead of just the monitors. They have really good information and help with the full access package.

  • Speedy Monitors
  • Scripts and Tools
  • Proxy Providers
  • Trusted Partners
  • Early Information

Membership Cost:
$20 / month (monitors only)
$50 / month (full access)
$130 / month (3 month package)
Website: House Of Carts

House Of Carts

AIO Notify

This group is brought to you buy the makers of the most popular sneaker bot ever, AIO Bot. They have years and years of experience with reselling sneakers so you can be confident that their information on releases will always be top notch. AIO Notify is run by sneaker reselling veterans that will always be consistently on every hyped drop. In their server, you’ll learn everything about sneakers, copping and flipping! Members will be give then best tools, information, and support in the market to try and get every pair of sneakers that are worth it.

  • Weekly Giveaways
  • Premium Early Links
  • Super Fast Site Monitors
  • Release Calendar
  • Proxy Generator For Members

Membership Cost: $39.99 / Month
Website: AIO Notify

AIO Notify


Phase is a US based cook group that offers everything combined into one for $35/monthly. If you can make profit, that feature is incorporated into Phase. From Sneakers and Supreme to Art and Ticket reselling, they have it all. Phase is committed to educate everyone in the reselling scene, no matter how new you are.

  • 300+ active members
  • $100k total profit by members each month
  • Monitoring hundreds of sites
  • Sneaker reselling
  • Random item reselling
  • Investment advice
  • Art reselling
  • Ticket reselling
  • Release guides

Membership Cost: $35 / Month
Website: Phase