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New Balance 650R Aime Leon Dore Pack

Cop Or A Drop?

The raffle for these New Balances has ended and will now be released online. There is some demand and hype surrounding this release due to the collaboration. Previous New Balance and Aime Leon Dore sneakers have performed very well in the secondary market. This will be released in the New Balance 650R silhouette and 4 colorways will be available. Currently, bids are at about $225+ for the majority of sizes. All colorways are reselling for about the same, but the red colorway seems to slightly be reselling for more. Based on the previous releases bigger sizes tend to perform better. A good release to go for and make some profit.

Price: $165

Grey – BB650RA1
Navy – BB650RD1
Red – BB650RE1
Green – BB650RL1

Release Date: 05/05/2022

Buy The New Balance 650R Aime Leon Dore Today:

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