The Proxy Plug

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The Proxy Plug is a proxy provider company that was founded in 2019 and has been providing products to consumers within the botting market ever since then. They have continued to develop their products and have offered a wide variety of plans for their products. Their twitter page can be found here(@TheProxyPlug_). They currently offer the following products:

  • Residential Proxies
  • Datacenter Proxies
  • ISP Proxies

The Proxy Plug Overview

The Proxy Plug products are affordable, reliable and targeted for any type of botter whether it be someone who wants to invest a small amount or a large amount. Within their products they offer dedicated plans to certain sites or for certain uses. An example of this is, captcha proxies, supreme proxies, sneaker proxies and a lot more.

Residential Proxies

The Proxy Plug – Residential Proxies

They offer Residential proxies what is segregated into different tiers with varying statistics within each tier. Some statistics that vary per each tier are speeds, proxy pool population and the price per each tier. Their residential proxies are unbanned on all sites and are available to use on a variety of commonly botted sites.

Datacenter Proxies

The Proxy Plug – Datacenter Proxies

They also offer Datacenter proxies that are also separated into different tiers/plans dedicated for certain purposes. Each plan varies in pricing because of this, some examples of datacenter proxies that they offer are captcha,sneaker and supreme datacenter proxies. They claim that the proxies are fast but also reliable for the consumer.

ISP Proxies

The Proxy Plug – ISP Proxies
They offer ISP Proxies that can be used for any purpose or site as they are labeled as an AIO type of proxy. They are the fastest proxy type they offer to their consumers and they are the most expensive proxy given that. The proxies are coming from providers such as Comcast, Verizon and Sprint which enforces no bans on any sites

Proxy Business Consulting

The Proxy Plug – Proxy Business Consulting
The Proxy plug also offer business consulting on top of them providing products to their consumers too. They have aided some of the top proxy companies that are known and they thrive on providing the best service to any business from the beginning. Aside from proxies, they also offer marketing, dashboard development, branding and much more.


The Proxy Plug does have a lot of support available for their customers or even potential customers of the business. When it comes to potential customers they have a dedicated FAQ section to answer a bunch of questions before a customer invests with them. You can contact them on Twitter to ask any questions too if you wish to do that. Moving to the support for existing customers, they have a discord server which people can join for support purposes and on the dashboard they can open support tickets if they want to ask questions to the team over at The Proxy Plug.

Products: ISP, Datacenter and Residential Proxies.
Platforms: Dedicated Dashboard.

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