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Iced Out has offered proxies in the sneaker/reselling niche for years. They specifically cater to resellers looking for proxies and servers close to sneaker websites which improves speed. The most popular cities for sneaker proxies are Chicago, Virginia and NYC. Iced Out has all of those cities covered for both proxies and servers.

The also offer an array of different proxy packages to choose from. You can buy 24 hour proxies if you are just interested in having some for a specific drop. You can also buy monthly proxies to cover multiple drops and restocks. We at Cop Supply are current customers of Iced Out. Their monthly proxies are always up and fast for Shopify site drops.

Many bot users buy 24 hour residential proxies that are specific for certain sites and drops. If you ever need proxies for a popular drop, go to Iced Out and you will find proxy packages for as low as $10 for a 24 hour pack. These packages rarely run out of stock so these are great for last minute proxies as well. Again, we use Iced Out ourselves and we highly recommend their services.

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Iced Out 10 gbps Servers

Iced Out has amazingly fast servers located in Virginia, Chicago and NYC and with very competitive pricing. Their “Basic” server package has some serious specs so that your bot will have no problem performing lots of tasks at once with no lag. The Basic server package has 6 CPU cores and 12GB RAM for just $80 a month. You will have a hard time finding this powerful of a server for just $80 month. Get one of their servers along with their proxy packages and you will be ready for drops that require fast connections and multiple tasks.

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