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Whop is one of the newest sneaker botting rental platforms offering one of the most unique experiences when it comes to renting out sneaker bots but also purchasing rentals for sneaker bots. If you're looking to purchase a bot rental, this is definitely the platform for you, but if you want to make some extra income when you are not using your bots, then you also have the option to rent out your bots too. Their platform is extremely easy to use and with the way it is designed, regardless if you are a newcomer or an experienced botter, you will have no problem navigating their platform.

Whop Video Overview

Whop has two sides to the platform, the seller side and the buyer side. Given you can both sell rentals to gain extra income and also buy rentals to bots, you can switch between both sides of the platforms with a click of a button. You can also view the marketplace for the bots on the platform so you can view the appropriate prices to set rentals at as well prices to sell bots at. On top of this, to accommodate to your activity on the platform, they have a release calendar so you can see the upcoming releases but also see what bots support these releases, which tend to play a part in the market of these bots.

Marketplace for buying/selling bots page

Whop Marketplace for buying/selling bots Page
On this page on Whop , you can view the market for one bot, in the example above we are looking at the market for Sole AIO. This page will look the same for all the bots with the exception of the market data. You can filter the data between the different types of copies available for the bot, commonly the types of bot copies are renewal or lifetime. Then for every bot type, you can view the lowest ask, highest bid and you can place a bid as well as an ask. On the right side you can view the market for the bot and on the right bottom side, you can view some information about the bot. Finally, you can click the “sell now” button if you wish to sell the bot.

Buying a rental

Whop Buying a rental
On this page within Whop, you can buy a rental for any bot, the example above is for Cybersole, however, this will look the same for any bot that's on the platform. On the left side, you can configure the data you want to rent from and the date you want to rent to, you can also click on preset time period buttons if you don't want to configure it specifically. On the right side, you can view the available dates as well as the prices for those dates. Finally, you have some information about the bot on the bottom left side and you can rent your own copy of Cybersole by clicking the button on the top right.

Selling a rental

Whop Selling a rental

On this page on Whop, you can view the process of selling a rental on their platform. It is important to note that your key has to be verified before actually being granted the permission to rent out on their platform, the first step is to select the bot from the your bots on the platform that have been verified. Then you will be shown this screen, you can view the bots that you are going to list as well as the key. Below that you can input the baseline daily price for the bots you are listing, below that section you can view the lowest daily ask, average daily ask and the number of asks. Below that section you can view the lowest asks for the day and then you can also view the calendar with surge pricing.

Refer a friend and earn $5

Whop Earn $5 for free when you refer a friend

You can earn $5 for FREE when you refer a friend to the Whop IO platform, click one of the buttons on this page and head over to their website to find out more.


In terms of support, the platform is relatively easy to use, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced botter, you won't have an issue navigating their platform. You can also look at our video overview on this page if you need further assistance.

Platforms: Website

 Site: Whop

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