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How to use virtual credit cards for Sneaker Botting

By May 6, 2021May 9th, 2021Overviews

The idea of a virtual credit card is pretty simple, you can create cards from your own funding source so you can make purchases online. You can completely configure the spending capabilities of these cards so that if you do decide to share these cards, you have some level of security. This also allows you to protect the card details of your funding source, instead of giving away your main card details, you can generate a card to give away. You can also configure the virtual credit cards to close themselves after some type of spending has taken place. This is great as it has a lot of real world application however, how does this benefit Sneaker Botting? When you are botting sneakers across a range of sites, there is often a security measure that these sites enforce that only allow “one item per customer”. This means that the card you are using can only purchase one of each item they release which makes the idea of purchasing multiple items a lot more difficult. However, with the use of virtual credit cards you can create multiple cards that take funding from one source and this will allow you to purchase multiple items on the sites that enforce a “one item per customer” type of rule.

How to use virtual credit cards for Sneaker Botting Video Overview

You can check out Privacy today and get a FREE $5 for signing up with them which takes a few minutes to do. You have the ability to track the transactions across all cards that you have generated on your account. You can also view the spending that has taken place on all these cards with an easy to use user interface. You can quickly generate multiple cards and run them in your sneaker botting setup to secure more items across all types of releases.

Home Page

Privacy Home Page
On this page you can view the home page for Privacy. You can view the activity across all of your cards which will appear on the middle of the page, ont he left side you can view the cards you have created with some small statistics on the cards themselves. Those statistics are the last 4 numbers on the card as well as the nickename of the card and the cover photo for it.

Create Card Window

Privacy Create Card Window
On this window on Privacy, you can simply create a card with two steps. You assign a nickname to the card so you can distinguish the card from the others you create and then you can set a limit. You can set the limit from $1 to unlimited and then you have a few buttons to configure the limit. These buttons allow you to set the monthly limit, the limit per transaction, the total limit and the single use limit. Once you have configured this the card is made.

Transactions Page

Privacy Transactions Page

On this page on Privacy, you can view the transactions and the declines that have taken place on the cards you've created. You can view the bank charge, the date it happened, the cost and whether it is settled. This will allow you to track you costs when using these cards.

Cards Window

Privacy Cards Window

On this window within Privacy you can view the cards you have created all on one page so you can see all of them instead of a few from the home page. The view is pretty similar to the home page however, you can just view all the cards on this page.


In terms of support, Estock has a ton available for all of their users. Firstly, it's a pretty easy bot to use, so in terms of navigation most people would be fine using the bot but they do also have written documentation within the bot that you can check out if you need further guidance.

Platforms: Browser Based

Retail: Personal – FREE // Pro – $10 a month // Teams – $25 a month

 Site: Privacy

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