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Tidal Bot Marketplace

By March 1, 2021Sneaker Bots, Overviews

A Marketplace to Buy, Sell & Trade Bots

Tidal Market is a long running and trusted bot marketplace serving the sneaker community. Bot reselling is quite popular and indeed profitable. If you join any cook group you will see that they all have information and advice on what bots to buy and resell. Tidal Market would be the place to sell your bots.

It's also the place to go if you want to buy a bot you've been wanting. You can also trade your bot for another one with different members of the market. Tidal makes it safe to perform these somewhat expensive transactions. If you wish to buy, sell or trade a bot you are assigned a middleman to oversee the transfer of the software and the money.

Once the price is agreed upon, the middleman will get the keys/license for the bot from the seller and test the bot to make sure everything works. After everything is verified to be working, the buyer will release the funds to the seller and in turn receive the bot they just purchased. The middleman will take a fee for overseeing this transaction.

Tidal Market Discord Server

Paid Membership

A paid membership will cost $9.99 for 3 months. If you will be buying and selling many bots, you can save yourself from middleman fees by just getting a membership. Here are all the perks you get for a 90 day membership that is just $9.99.

  • Access to the Tidal Market bot vault and dashboard.
  • Unlimited middleman services for bots over $400. Bots below $400 will not require middleman service.
  • Ability to list your bots in all channels. Tidal has an array of different bot channels to post in. Your membership will get you complete access to all of them.
  • Access to release channels for all drops. Get stock alerts, drop recaps and drop information for anything that will be worth going for.

Tidal Market Bot Vault & Dashboard

Keep tabs on your bot collection and the status of your bots that you might be renting, selling and holding. The bot vault lets you log everything so that you will never miss a renewal date and also keep track of what bots are rented and other features. The dashboard also shows your reputation and statistics on how many bots you've sold, bought and rented. You can also check the reputation of other users before selling or buying from the user. All transactions are logged in the dash as well!

Tidal Market Dashboard & Bot Vault

Check Out The Server For Free

Tidal Market also has a free option for users to go in and check out the server. The free memberships does have its limitations but if you want to check it out before joining just click the button below. Remember that you can get 10% off if you do decide to get the paid membership. Remember to use code “COPSUPPLY” to get that 10% off or just come back to this page and the discount will be here for you.

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