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By June 21, 2021Groups, Overviews

TheBotSpot is a server created for renters to get the quickest and easiest support they can during any drop. There is a announcements channel for me to send and ping any big news you renters might need to know. There is a general channel designed for you guys to be able to chat and ask questions. There are bot specific channels which is where they will be able to info specifically for each bot and renters of that specific bot can tune into that channel to get info the quickest.

TheBotSpot Video Overview

When it comes to features, TheBotSpot offers all of their members a premium bot rental marketplace to ensure you can rent the best bots in the community safely. They offer these bots for the best prices on the market to ensure that you are saving money when you rent from TheBotSpot instead of other bot rental places.

TheBotSpot – Group Partnerships

TheBotSpot also has some partnerships within their group to add onto the bot rentals they offer in the server. Some of these partnerships are TheBotSpot Plus which is an extension of the server, another partnership is sneaker botting classes to aid you with botting releases, they also offer market mover alerts memberships too.

TheBotSpot – Proxy/Service Partnerships

TheBotSpot also have proxy/service partnerships within the group, these partnerships are AYCD, Pure Proxies, Dash Proxies, Red Dirt Proxies, Nocturnal Proxies, Androxy SNKRS accounts & Dino Proxies. With all of these partnerships, you will get access to these services with discounts as well.

TheBotSpot – Groupbuys

TheBotSpot also offer groupbuys within their group from proxy companies, bot companies, extensions & others. You will get access to these groupbuys for completely free when you are in the group on top of all the bot rentals you get access to.

TheBotSpot – Rentals & Slots

The main focus of TheBotSpot is to offer the best bot rentals on the marketplace for affordable prices, rentals are allocated for certain releases so you can see the prices for certain bots as well the availability. They do also offer slots for the members of the group if you don't wish to rent a bot and prefer someone to run the bot for you.


When it comes to support they have a discord server in which you can join that has support available to all of their users. They have well written guides about each individual topic that resides within the features they offer and you can open a ticket to speak with their support team in a 1 on 1 environment if you wish.

Pricing: Varies per bot



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