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Supreme Machine Chrome Extension

By August 22, 2020August 27th, 2020Overviews, Software

Supreme machine is a supreme automated checkout bot that allows you to secure the latest supreme items for retail. It is a chrome based extension therefore, any device that supports chrome has the ability to run Supreme Machine. They have an easy to use user interface which allows the users to not only navigate easily but also setup tasks effortlessly even with no prior experience. They claim to have super-fast checkout speeds allowing their users to grab the latest items with ease. Their designated twitter page is (@_suprememachine).

Supreme machine is currently priced at £10/monthly or £75 for lifetime access.

Supreme Machine Video Overview

Supreme Machine has a ton of features considering its a chrome based extension, that does not take away from what its capable of doing as well as the success its capable of attaining. Here are some of their main features:



Supreme Machine brings all users a feature called Droplists. This feature provides all the latest items from the supreme release but also with this the users can create tasks directly from the droplist to save a lot of time. With this feature, it removes the need to configure keywords and go through that entire process because that is entirely done for you.

Auto Tasks

Auto Tasks

Supreme Machine has a dedicated page to creating tasks for the initial release on the supreme website. They have an extensive breakdown of what goes into your tasks which is all completely configurable by the user. Going from the keywords to the delays to even scheduled the tasks. Once you have created the task it is then broken down into its respective categories below the task creator so you can see what each task has within it.

Restock Tasks

Restock Tasks

Supreme Machine has segregated the initial tasks page and the restocks page within the extension however, they both have a lot of the similar features. It does have less customization simply because after the initial release you will have access to the link for every product that has been released so it becomes easier to configure these tasks.


Supreme Machine has a ton of support available to their entire user-base. Firstly, on their website there is a chatbox plugin to allow anyone to send in questions to the Supreme Machine team so they can be answered. As well as the plugin, they have a box where you can enter some details and actually write up a message which is directly sent to them so they can respond to you. Finally, you can join their discord server and open up a support ticket with any of your problems which will be answered by their team.

Platform: Chrome hosted extension
Retail: £10/month // £75/lifetime

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