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Splash Station

By August 21, 2021August 28th, 2021Overviews

Splash Station is one of the biggest sneaker bot rentals server within the community at the moment. Going for a sneaker release at times requires multiple good bots to secure a large amount of success, typically well performing bots cost thousands of dollars which to some people this level of an expense is just too expensive. This is where sneaker bot rentals can change a lot of peoples sneaker botting game, Splash Station gives anyone the ability to get their hands on the best bots on the market for a limited time. Whether it's for a release, a day or for a week, you can use the best bots for a fraction of its market value. This will avoid having to spend thousands of dollars on your desired bot, instead you can go through an easy process that we show in our overview video to get access to the bot of your choice. You can check out the Splash Station website here as well as their Discord server here.

Splash Station Video Overview

When it comes to features, Splash Station offers a ton to all of the members within the Discord. They provide information regarding upcoming drops so that all members are fully aware of the releases that are going to take place, with this information they can plan ahead in terms of what rentals they need to purchase etc. They also have a range of rental durations to give all the members the choice of choosing how long they want a rental for, whether it be for a day, week or even a month. They also have providers as well as partners within the server if you wish to take advantage of that. Finally, after renting a certain bot, you get access to the bot role that unlocks things such as site specific guides, bot announcements, bot update changes and much more.

Splash Station – Rental Periods.

At Splash Station, you will get the opportunity to purchase rentals for a variety of time periods. You can navigate to the channel for the current day to see the rentals available as well as their pricing, you can also see the rentals for the next day too. You can see the weekly rentals and monthly rentals paired with their pricing. You can also request a custom time period when purchasing a rental if you wish to have the bot for a period of time that isn't listed in the server.

Splash Station – Partnerships.

Aside from providing a wide range of bots to rent for good prices, Splash Station also have a ton of partnerships within the server that you can take advantage of for free. Splash Station has exclusive partnerships with some of the best in the business. Whether it be proxy providers, botting applications, or cook groups, Splash Station has you covered.

Splash Station – Providers

Having the best bot on the market is not the only thing you need to think about when it comes to going for sneaker releases, you will need things such as proxies and other elements that make a powerful botting setup. Splash Station helps with this by having providers within the server with discounts for each of those providers for all of the members to take advantage of, not only can you get the best bots at a fraction of the market price, you can get other products at discounted prices.


Splash Station has a ton of support within the server to ensure you're ready to be successful on all releases that take place. As shown in the overview video, the rental purchase process is also very easy to carry out, however, if you any questions then the support team within Splash Station will help you out.

Pricing: Varies depending on the bot and the duration of the rental



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