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Meta Labs is a dashboard company that allows you to easily monetize your online community. Hundreds of groups use their payment and authentication system to sell memberships to their exclusive Discord servers and software products. At the moment they have over 500 communities consisting of 20,000 members and have processed $750,000+ transactions. They also have a REST API which allows you to charge your members for access to any piece of software on any platform so you can monetize anything you’d like. They have a completely customizable member portal to ensure that members have a unique experience. Meta Labs does not disappoint when it comes to speed, and works with some of the biggest bot companies out there. If you're looking to monetize a Discord server or software product, Meta Labs is the way to go.

Meta labs Video Overview

Meta labs Features

Meta labs has a ton of features which not only provide insights into your group but also allow the members of your group to have an easy to understand member portal in which they can manage their subscription. For the dashboard, the group owner will be able to manage the entire group all from the dashboard giving them the ability to view monthly revenue, new customers, total licenses, create restocks and much more. Having all these features available will aid you when you are deciding what is best for your group but also managing your group too.

Meta labs – Member portal

Meta labs – Member portal

This is the member portal that will be available to all members when they join your group whilst you’re utilizing meta labs. The full discord username is shown as well as the joining date below that. Then the user can view their email, license and the purchased date too. They can click the manage subscription button if they wish to make changes to their subscription, they can click the join discord button to join the groups discord and unbind license to unbind the license from this discord account. It is worth mentioning again that the design of the portal is customizable to some extent. As the owner you can customize the background, logo and colors shown on this page to make the portal unique to your group.

Meta labs – Overview page

Meta labs – Overview page

On this page within the Meta labs dashboard you can view a lot of elements in regards to your group as well as do some very useful things. On this page, at the top you see the total licenses, new customers and monthly revenue for your group. Below that you can create plans and releases for your group, essentially how this works is that you would create a payment plan for the members to follow and then create a release to utilize a plan from the plans section. Below that you have the licenses section which is taken from the licenses page on the dashboard which shows members information based on their license.

Meta labs – Licenses page

Meta labs – Licenses page

On this page you can view all the licenses in your group and what details are available with them. You will see the license, the plan the member is on, the member with their discord ID below, the customer data and the data it was created. When you click the three dots next to each license you can send an email receipt, you can manage the subscription, clear metadata, unbind their license, revoke license and copy their ID. This allows the group owner to completely manage their members effortlessly from the dashboard.


When it comes to support, Meta labs have documentation available for you to familiarize yourself with the dashboard even with it being very easy to understand. If the documentation isn't for you, then you can head into their discord server in which you can open up a support ticket to get 1:1 help with any issues you may have. On top of this they have a help center to help you with any specific issues as well.

Supported Payment Processor: Stripe

Pricing: Standard – 5% per transaction // Enterprise – Contact the team for the variable pricing


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