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Kodai AIO Bot

By August 26, 2020September 9th, 2020Sneaker Bots, Overviews

Kodai began in September 2018 and ever since that point it has continuously worked towards its current bot standing, which is why it’s considered to be one of the best bots across the entire market. People do have different opinions on which bot is truly the best but a good section of botters would definitely side with Kodai being the best. The after market value for the bot is again one of the highest in the market deriving from the success of the bot. They restock through their designated twitter page (@KodaiAIO) and typically it is done via a raffle however, to win one of their raffles is extremely lucky.

Kodai resides within the AIO bot market and they have continuously pushed the bot to new heights in terms of success across all their supported sights. Their success is superb and they're able to adapt to changes across all their supported sites to secure success for their users.

Kodai is considered to be an AIO bot as it currently supports:

  • Shopify
  • EU footsites
  • Finishline and JDSports
  • Supreme
  • US Footsites
  • Adidas and Yeezysupply

Kodai Video Overview

Kodai has a very nice user interface with a unique take on how to present a bot to users. They truly hand over customization of tasks to the user and it's done in a very easy to understand way. They segregate tasks into their own unique groups which users can navigate through very easily by simply clicking onto them with their own custom name made by the user. They truly have a nice user interface which makes using the software enjoyable. Here are some of the main features of the bot:

Releases Window

Releases Window
On this page within Kodai you can create your own release that is focused on one site per release that is created. Once you create it you can then customize a name for the release for distinguishing purposes among other created releases. Once you create the release you have a lot of customization for the tasks and then once you configure them you can mass create the tasks with those settings. Then once the task is created there are further options to configure on the actual task before going ahead and starting the tasks.

Profiles Window

Profiles Window
On this page within Kodai you can create profiles that will be used with your tasks inside of the bot. You have the option to import profiles into Kodai and also export profiles out of Kodai too. Then you can create a profile and it is available to view on the page segregated into mini squares with a few details so you’re able to distinguish profiles apart from each other. You’re given the ability to give a profile a name and also select a region for the profile.

Proxies Window

Proxies Window
On this page within Kodai you can inject proxies into the bot to be used with your tasks. Once you enter your proxies you will need to save them under a proxy group name and then you can test all the proxies to ensure they are all working. You can also delete groups at any point collectively to save time for the user.

Captcha's Window

Captcha Window
On this page within Kodai you can create captcha solvers to be used with your tasks. Similarly to the profile page, they are given names configured by the users and they have a few settings that you can configure for all of them collectively. Each solver once created can be used on an individual site so your task captcha's will be segregated. You can also test your solver and open up YouTube to generate activity on there.

When it comes to support for Kodai they have a dedicated helpdesk for all users to access which answers all the questions a user could have. Ranging from setting up the bot to actual releases within the bot they have a ton of support available to everyone. You can search up keywords for what you need help with and related topics will come up for you to view with a few clicks.

Supported sites: Supreme, EU Footsites, Shopify, US Footsites, Adidas and Yeezysupply, Finishline and JDSports

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Retail: $175 for 2 months and thereafter $44.99/month


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