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By August 21, 2021Proxy Providers, Overviews

HypeProxies is the self proclaimed industry leading ISP. They claim that the proxies they provide will be the only proxies you will ever need. They have over 25,000 followers on their Twitter page which can be found here, and they provide a wide variety of proxies on their website which can be found here. The prices of their products vary depending on what you want to purchase and they are made for unique cases.

HypeProxies Video Overview

When it comes to features, HypeProxies offers a ton with their proxies, the first one being speed, this is something that is definitely needed with all the proxies you use when going for limited releases. Whether you're looking for blazing fast DC or Residential proxies, HypeProxies has got you covered. When it comes to success, that has been HypeProxies priority since they started in 2017, with over 3000 active users they have recorded over 500,000+ checkouts from people using their proxies. Finally, with their proxies you run into no bans or surprises when using the proxies, this will ensure you can rely on the proxies being used and you will have no worries when using HypeProxies.

HypeProxies – (VA) Hype DC AIO

HypeProxies offer (VA) Hype DC AIO proxies that come with unlimited bandwidth, 10 GBPS speeds, proprietary software engineered to checkout faster, and you can use the proxies for the following things. Captcha Farming, YeezySupply, Shopify restocks & Hibbet botting. In terms of the pricing, you can purchase 25 of these proxies for $60.

HypeProxies – (VA) Hype ISP

HypeProxies offer (VA) Hype ISP Proxies that comes with 10GBPS speeds. These proxies give you the speeds of DC proxies while giving you the reliability of residential proxies. They have proprietary software engineered to checkout faster and the proxies are neverlocked so you can use them 24/7. You can use the proxies for the following things: Target, Walmart, Finishline, Shopify Restocks, YeezySupply & SNKRS .In terms of the pricing, you can purchase 25 of these proxies for $75.

HypeProxies – Residential Proxies (GB)

HypeProxies offers residential proxies that are sold in GB plans. The residential proxies are available in 60+ countries with 40M+ ips in their proxy pool. They provide the highest quality residential proxies and with their client dashboard you can easily manage your data 24/7. The plans last for 60 days and the are instantly delivered after purchasing. The supported sites for the residential proxies are the following: Shopify, Finishline, Shoepalace, Hibbets, Supreme, Footsites, FTL UK & YeezySupply.

HypeProxies – Captcha Proxies

HypeProxies offer Captcha Proxies which are the best proxies for your One Click harvesting needs. The proxies have unlimited bandwidth so you're free to run them as much as you want, the proxies are also fast and reliable. The ISPs will last for as long as the plans lasts and the proxies are unbanned as well as unthrottled. They have a client dashboard so you can manage your proxies and the proxies can be used for the following purposes: Captcha Farming & Cooking Harvesting.


HypeProxies have a support team that is available 24/7 and they will be happy to assist with any issues that you may have.

Pricing: Varies per product and quantity.



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