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Gaden Gens is the last account generator that you will ever need, you have the ability to generate millions of accounts for all of your botting needs. They have become extremely popular recently and with good reason, with their easy to use UI as well as the speed with the generator, Gaden Gens is definitely something you will want in your botting arsenal. You can view their Twitter page here as well as their website here. Their pricing is currently €50 initially on the basic plan followed by a €25 monthly fee, for the premium plan, it is €250 initially followed by a monthly fee of €25.

Gaden Gens Overview

Gaden Gens specializes in Nike, Outlook, Amazon and Gmail account creation, within the botting scene, you will find yourself needing some of these types of accounts when you're botting a variety of sites. At the time of creating this overview, the Gaden Gens userbase has generated overview 8 million accounts across all of their support modules.

Tasks Window

Gaden Gens Tasks Window
On this window within Gaden Gens, you can view and create tasks within the application. Once you create a task, you can pick a module you wish to use such as Nike request, Outlook request, Amazon request & Gmail request. Then the actual task components will change depending on what module you select, but essentially once selecting the module you can configure the other elements of the task such as the mode, account region, password etc.

Proxies Window

Gaden Gens Proxies Window
On this window Gaden Gens, you can edit the proxy list that can be used with your tasks. Pretty simply you enter the proxies into the list and then the list is updated automatically, the counter at the top beside the proxies title is also updated too.

Account Groups Window

Gaden Gens Account Groups Window

On this window within Gaden Gens, you can create account groups that can be used with your tasks. You can create an account group and then edit the name, then customize the format for the group. Once you are done configuring the account group, it can be used with your tasks.

Settings Window

Gaden Gens Settings Window

On this window within Gaden Gens, you can configure the settings for the bot. The settings include the webhook, the, the, the, the & 2Captcha fields. You can also enable the ability to show your Discord name in the public webhook if you wish, finally, you can logout too.


In terms of support, Gaden Gens has a ton available for all of their users. Firstly, it's a pretty easy bot to use, so in terms of navigation most people would be fine using the bot but they do also have written documentation within the bot that you can check out if you need further guidance.

Platforms: Windows // Mac

Retail: Basic Plan: €50 initially followed by €25 a month // Premium Plan: €250 initially followed by €25 a month


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