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How to bot Footsites with EasyCopbots (ECB)

EasyCopBots is a readily available bot that supports a ton of sites which claims to have back to back success on their supported sites. They support both Windows & Mac so it is available for all types of users, they push out constant updates so their users are ready for any type of release. You have the ability to make unlimited tasks with a high success rate and it has a lightening checkout speed. It is currently priced at $600 a year. You can view their Twitter here as well as their website here too.

EasyCopBots is considered to be an AIO because it supports the following sites:

  • Footlocker US
  • Footlocker CA
  • Footaction
  • Eastbay
  • Champs Sports
  • Kids Footlocker
  • Lady Footlocker

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How to bot Footsites with EasyCopbots (ECB)

On this page, we will be showcasing a few tips and tricks when it comes to botting Footsites with EasyCopBots. Having the bot alone is not enough, you definitely need some guidance on what works with certain websites, in this case we will be talking about Footsites. We will be covering restock tips, release tips & some summary tips for Footsites. We highly recommend watching the video above so you can visually see the things we mention on this post, however, you can also read up on what we mention on this page too.

EasyCopBots (ECB)  – Task Setup

When it comes to your task setup with EasyCopBots when botting Footsites, there is a few things that you should keep in mind when creating your tasks. Applying these tips and tricks to your setup will definitely increase your chances of success when it comes to acquiring hyped releases from Supreme with EasyCopBots. You can view the information below:

  • You should start your tasks a few minutes before the expected release time, this will allow you to be ready in case an item drops earlier than expected. You can either manually start the tasks before the expected release time or you can schedule your tasks within the bot.
  • When it comes to harvesting cookies, EasyCopBots harvest the cookies for you and have them ready in their cloud server for you to use within the bot.
  • When setting up your tasks, you will need the SKU for the release, you can find them in the release guide channel in the EasyCopBots Discord server or you can consult your own sneaker reselling groups for that information.
  • When it comes to the sizes with your tasks, you can select multiple sizes by control clicking all of the sizes you want to go for.

EasyCopBots (ECB) – Summary Tips

When it comes to Footsites botting with EasyCopBots (ECB), you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Proxies are recommended when botting Footsites using EasyCopBots, it is recommended to use ISP proxies in this case for the best results.
  • If you wish to limit your checkouts, you can choose to either limit your checkouts to an individual SKU or limit your checkouts to the profile being used.
  • If you wish to use multiple profiles with your tasks, control click the profiles you wish to use so they can be used in the task creation process.
  • To configure the number of tasks you want to create using the information you've entered in the task creator, simply edit the task number field.
  • If you wish to change any element of your tasks after creating them, you can utilize the edit button after highlighting the tasks you wish to edit.


When it comes to Support for the EasyCopBots, we do have have an overview video for the bot on our channel which can be found here, however, they do also have a Discord server that has an excellent support team ready to help you with any questions you may have. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced individual in the community, ECB is ready to support you.

Pricing: $600 a year // $300 a year using our discount



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