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EveryBodyEats is a group with loads of features that all of their members find a lot of use for. If there’s a profit to be made they know about it, the fastest custom monitors, the most accurate links, raffle lists, members only proxy company, restock alerts & more. You can join their server through their membership application on their website as well.

EveryBodyEats Video Overview

EveryBodyEats goal is to assist you on your reselling journey and help you take on a more diversified investment/resell approach. Their members have replaced 9-5s, been able to better provide for their family & make THOUSANDS per month with our content, research and info.

EveryBodyEats – Fast monitors

EveryBodyEats offer high quality and reliable monitors, ensuring you will never miss a restock. These monitors cover Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, Home Depot, NBA top shot, New Egg,Footsites & a plethora of shopify sites.

EveryBodyEats – Price Errors

EveryBodyEats has a long lasting friendship with the best price errors/glitch finder in the community has made their price errors section, an extremely valuable resource! If there’s a price error anywhere they WILL know about it!

EveryBodyEats – Resell Information

Their team is comprised of extremely seasoned vets when it comes to reselling, the items we find are optimal for both ebay and local sales! Need help with getting more ebay exposure, or maybe you’re just not sure why a product isn’t selling? Their team is confident we can help as well!

EveryBodyEats – Card Investing & Reselling

With one their owners being a highly experienced basketball card reseller with years experience, coupled with partners who each have their own sport/Pokemon focused experience, you will receive investment signals you can TRUST from investors who are actually buying what they signal members to buy.


When it comes to support, EveryBodyEats have a ton available for all of their members. They have a dedicated support section within the discord that is solely focused on helping the members of the group, they utilize a ticket system so if you'd like to speak to one of the support team in a 1 on 1 scenario, that is available if you wish to use it. On top of that, there is a variety of channels within the server that are focused are support too, so you will not be left confused within the group.

Pricing: $40 a month


Sneaker Releases
June 5, 2023

Nike Air Force 1 Low West Coast Los Angeles – FJ4434-491

Nike celebrates Hip Hop's upcoming 50th anniversary with this denim colorway, West Coast design, and LA branding in the Air Force 1 Low silhouette. This release will be available at…
Sneaker Releases
May 30, 2023

Adidas Yeezy Releases – 05/31/2023

Adidas will now be releasing the remaining inventory of YEEZY products. A significant amount will be donated to selected organizations working to combat discrimination and hate, including racism and antisemitism.…
Sneaker Releases
May 26, 2023

Jordan 14 Retro Laney – 487471-407

This Jordan 14 Low in the 'Laney' colorway will be released at select retailers worldwide, including Snkrs. If going for this release, the bigger sizes will be the most profitable.…
Sneaker Releases
May 24, 2023

Nike Dunk Low SE Lottery Pack Malachite Green – DR9654-100

Releasing on, NOT through the SNKRS app! Currently, bids for the Nike Dunk Low SE Lottery Pack Malachite Green are at about $200+, and with a retail of $120.…
Sneaker Releases
May 23, 2023

Jordan 6 Retro Toro Bravo – CT8529-600

The Jordan 6 in the 'Toro Bravo' colorway will now be released at select retailers, including Snkrs. The stock appears to be high, with many different retailers releasing. Based on…