Supreme Cop Bot

50 USD lifetime licenses – free updates included!

For the best copping experience, we'll fix any issue you got asap!
Our licenses are lifetime licenses – not limited to a season or specific time frame!

Why is the bot so cheap? Because we want to offer a supreme bot for everyone, for kids, students and all other supreme fans.

We support Linux, MacOS and Windows as operating systems.


  • Auto checkout
  • Auto fill / type
  • Size selector
  • Color selector
  • Wait till product is available
  • Setup multiple items
  • US, EU and JPN site support
  • Confirm before purchasing option to review order
  • Min. and max. product price option
  • Start timer
  • Automatically updates
  • Discord Cook Group with lightning fast Supreme monitors
  • Priority discord and email support

What we've planned:

Discord integration – means you can DM the bot on discord with your account email and password to control the bot.

Like restarting the bot on failed checkout, adding items, …