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TicketKings is a premier ticket group that accommodates both beginners and experts alike. No matter your level of experience, this group provides what you are looking for. They have a complete beginner’s course, teaching basic fundamentals of the ticket resale industry. Along with that, dedicated staff members are online during every release to assist with all questions.

Not only does TicketKings post daily events with predictions, but they also teach members how to find profitable seats by assessing markets. When there are no releases, their team loves hanging around in chat and conversing with members. New members are be able to ask questions freely, while increasing their knowledge vastly by doing so. Their chat is a close knit, inclusive community, welcome to any newcomers. Members love helping their fellow members, along with seeing them succeed.

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For more experienced members, TicketKings has a separate, full length advanced course which will expand your current knowledge. The intent of this course is to push advanced members into becoming experts. Every day, the team thoroughly researches every event that goes on sale. For the events with profit potential, a full guide is posted with price ranges, presale codes, estimations on profit, best section predictions, and any other information needed to succeed. Along with these guides, a plethora of daily watchlist events are posted as well. This group includes many tools that will assist you as a broker. A few examples are: a Ticketmaster/Livenation stock checker extension, a drop monitor for newly released seats (which does not pick up Platinum or Resale Tickets), and much more. They also come up with many unique methods to conquer the ever-changing Ticketmaster protection.

Along with the aforementioned, they provide many other features such as Verified Fan Signups, information for European events, support for European residents, giveaways, queue donations, prequeue notifications, and profit tracker templates.

TicketKings Features:

Video Courses
TicketKings has some very intuitive videos for both the beginner and advanced reseller. Upon joining, a member should watch these videos just to get a feel for how TicketKings approaches ticket reselling as a beginner or advanced person would. These videos are especially helpful for users just getting started.

Tiered Show Recommendations 
There are plenty of shows to choose from almost every day. TicketKings likes to separate the shows that have the most potential and post their reasoning as to why they are going to be trying to get tickets for these shows. I usually stick to these shows and watch the chat to see if these shows are worth buying. TicketKings offers real-time advice for the shows in this top tier.

They also have a “watchlist” of shows that may be promising but members should proceed with caution. These shows can sometimes turn into something profitable but its hard to tell until the sale actually is happening and the mods can see how the stock is moving. Again, TicketKings mods are there to give advice during the sale so that you can make the best decisions.

Daily Calendar
There is a daily calendar channel updated each day so that users can see what times good shows will be starting to sell. The calendar typically only includes the top tier shows that they recommend. If a user just stuck to following this calendar and listened to mod recommendations during these drops, a user could easily make a profit on this method alone.

Signups and Presale Codes
These channels are for getting codes for early access to buy tickets or for signing up to get a chance to buy tickets. Presale codes help members get early access to tickets before the general sale happens. While most of the public is fighting for tickets during the general sale, those with presale codes have already bought their tickets a day or so before the general sale.

The Signups channel is for entering your name into raffles for a chance to buy tickets to very popular shows. TicketKings keeps track of all of these opportunities and makes sure that their users have entered their names for a chance to get tickets to a high-demand show. Typically the shows that require you enter a raffle to even get a chance to buy tickets are the most profitable shows for resellers.

Advanced Tools
TicketKings also comes with a plethora of advanced tools that you will be using in no time. The main tool would be a stock checker for monitoring sales of a show in real time. A tool like this is incredibly useful because you can gauge how fast sales are for a particular show and make a decision on whether to buy or not. There are other advanced tools such as queue donations that you will find useful from day one really.

Beginner and Advanced Course Videos

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TicketKings is easily one of the top ticket reselling groups around today. If you're just a beginner or are already a successful broker, TicketKings will surely improve your success purely based on the community's user expertise on finding the best tickets to buy and avoiding ones that look tempting but in the end will show no profit. Give TicketKings a join today and you will be showing a profit if you follow their advice and work hard researching shows.