Ticket Resale Team

Ticket Resale Team (TRT) was the first group that we had ever joined in the ticket reselling niche. We are still members. We learned all of the basic and essential things about ticket reselling in TRT. TRT is run by true ticket brokers that have been in the business for years and they quickly teach you the ins-and-outs of the trade which is something that would take a beginner years to learn.

Out of all the groups we have been in, TRT tends to list the most events every day. All of the events that are listed are closely researched the night before and if there is a potential for profit then they will get listed. During the time that tickets are being released, the staff will give you real-time advice on the most profitable sections within a venue. They will also tell you where not to buy tickets to avoid less profitable sections.

The group is incredibly open and active during ticket releases which can help you in getting the correct seats at a show. You can also gauge which shows might be more profitable than others based on what the group seems to going after. A TRT membership also comes with a collection of tools for its members to check stock on shows and see important sales data on the reselling sites like StubHub. TRT's community and tools will help you become a successful ticket reseller in a short amount of time. As long as you're a member, you'll always have a list of profitable shows and the experience of brokers by your side to assist you.

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Ticket Resale Team Features

Active And Experienced Community
TRT's chat group is one of the better ones around in terms of experience and help in targeting the most profitable events. There are two long time ticket brokers in the chat and also very experienced members who can help you through the buying process.

Ticket Site Chrome Extensions
TRT has Chrome extensions for the bigger ticket sites Ticketmaster/Livenation, AXS and Ticketfly. These extensions can tell you how many seats are left in a show so that you can make a decision to buy or not based on how fast stock is moving. These extensions are great for knowing whether or not to get tickets based on how fast stock is or isn't moving.

Data Pricing Tool For Bookmarked Shows
TRT also comes with an incredible web-based tool where you can bookmark the shows you are interested in and get data immediately. Instead of going to Ticketmaster and Stubhub to check up on events, you can save shows to your own account and keep an eye on them all in one place. The pricing tool works on Ticketmaster/Livenation and Stubhub. Just bookmark the shows you want to monitor on TM or Stubhub and its all in one place. You can also opt in for notifications on stock and price changes on any show you wish.

Other Standard Features

  • Presale Codes
    Get presale codes for almost all shows so that you don't have to compete for tickets during the general sale. TRT gives all its member presale codes to pick up tickets early and with less competition during the presale of a show.
  • Verified Fan Sign-Up Notifications
    Some shows that will be in high demand often have a “Verified Fan” registration form so that fans have a better chance of getting tickets. TRT will recommend the shows for you to go and sign up as a Verified Fan. Your name is then drawn randomly and you're given a unique code to buy a ticket in a show's presale. If you win these draws you can most certainly get very good tickets and some even sell the unique code to another broker.
  • Restock Monitor
    Tickets restock all the time. TRT monitors all the shows that have potential for profit and will notify members of the restocks as they happen. Even if you missed getting tickets during the general sale, you always have a chance with the restock monitor to pick up hard to get tickets with ease.
Learn How To Be A Ticket Broker With TRT
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As you can see in the success pics above, TRT is one of the best groups around for ticket reselling. You can learn the ropes of being a broker with a little work and a lot of advice from the team at TRT. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a full-time broker, TRT can help you profit in the ticket reselling business. Join today!